ArcticDry in the United Kingdom manufactures the best waterproof socks for outdoor activities. Soft fabric is mixed with StretchDry technology across three layers of nylon, spandex, and Coolmax to produce a sock that is not only waterproof, but also protects against the wind and minor scrapes or cuts on rough terrains. They are the most durable socks on the market, keeping your feet comfortably warm and dry in any environment. Visit to learn more or connect to the ArcticDry Facebook page. 

CAMBRIDGESHIRE, England — 24 February 2020 — ArcticDry manufactures the finest waterproof socks on the market by using the latest waterproofing and insulation technologies, a must-have for your next camping or hiking trip. 

ArcticDry socks are constructed using soft fabric mixed with StretchDry technology and a waterproof membrane. Once completed, the socks are completely waterproof, windproof and thanks to a three-layered system — nylon, spandex, and Coolmax — they’re also comfortable and breathable. Besides hiking or camping, owners of ArcticDry waterproof socks have reported using them for jogging, walking, skiing, golfing and cycling to stay both warm and dry.

If used on rough terrain, ArcticDry waterproof socks will also protect your skin from scrapes and cuts as a result of broken glass, twigs or stones. The socks last for years and washing them is a simple process that doesn’t degrade their integrity.

“If you tell most people you’re selling a 100% waterproof sock they don’t believe you,” said Edward Andrew, spokesperson for ArcticDry. “But the truth is you could completely submerge your foot into a pool of water wearing these socks and be dry. In many ways, the technology is similar to the kind used in wetsuits and what’s truly impressive is how the sock still maintains its breathability through all of this.”

A full catalog of ArcticDry Sportswear is available online at Besides socks, they sell gloves and backpacks that are 100% waterproof. The ArcticDry blog also publishes informative articles for customers with tips on the outdoor life: “The Best Compass for Hiking,” “What are the Best Hiking Boots for Women?” and “What’s the Smallest Sleeping Bag When Packed?”

Visit their reviews page now to read about what others think about the waterproof socks. The company is also inviting returning customers and outdoor enthusiasts to connect to the ArcticDry Facebook page to keep track of products and hear about their unique waterproofing methods. 

ABOUT ARCTICDRY: ArcticDry is an Outdoors Sports Clothing company based in Birmingham, United Kingdom. We pride ourselves on the quality, ruggedness, and performance of our garments.

Our socks are tested to withstand what is known as “hydrostatic head”, and they can withstand a column of water (hydrostatic head) >10,000mm. (BS3424: Part 26; Method 29A: 1990). In layman’s terms, they are rigorously tested to ensure they are Waterproof coming out of the factory, fully prepared for your sport of choice.

There is an almost endless list of sports and hobbies that you can use our product for, essentially any endeavor which could leave you with soaking wet shoes or boots could benefit from ArcticDry waterproof socks. E-mail [email protected] to ask questions or contact customer service. 

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