SwiftSafe is a Cybersecurity company Specializing in Securing the IT infrastructure and assets with Security Consulting, Auditing and Testing Services that provide end-to-end cybersecurity services to secure IT infrastructure.


India, 22 August 2022 — According to a study just in 2019, 32% of businesses identified cyberattacks or other security breaches: and from that percentage, at least 95% of security breaches were led by human errors. Luckily for you, the internationally renowned cybersecurity company SwiftSafe will analyze their security risks, minimize threats and prepare for future attacks through their comprehensive cybersecurity checklist.

Cybersecurity is vital these days because it has been proven that most digital assets are vulnerable, and yet, we have so much of our day-to-day life set online, from bank account access to contacts, addresses and work information; cybercrime can make lots of money and cause unbelievable damage. That’s why at SwiftSafe, they specialize in Securing the IT infrastructure and assets with Security Consulting, Auditing and Testing Services that provide end-to-end cybersecurity services. Their hybrid approach uses technology and human expertise to analyze the risks involved and gives their clients faster results without any false positives.

At SwiftSafe, they analyze customer activity data to reveal potential threats while offering an actionable recommendation. Additionally, their highly experienced cyber defense team helps organizations detect, block, and remediate advanced cyberattacks by employing best practices in the industry. At the same time, it aims to bridge the security gaps and build an efficient and secure network environment for organizations, helping them operate their business seamlessly.

Among the top-quality available services, they offer VAPT & Security Auditing: A comprehensive penetration test to evaluate an organization’s IT infrastructure by performing a full security audit of cyber defenses, business logic vulnerabilities and associated risks. Besides, it carefully detects areas of IT infrastructure susceptible to data breaches, code injection attacks and other malicious activities.

With SwiftSafe, users will get a complete Compliance check to ensure that their organization has all the necessary policies and is compliant with its regulatory standards. Moreover, their compliance report will be generated by identifying any gaps in compliance and outlining steps needed to stay up-to-date with the regulatory standards.

Reduce data breaches, eliminate costly human errors in your organization with SwiftSafe’s cost-effective security training solution, and keep your employees from accidentally compromising your network.

About SwiftSafe:

Founded in 2016 with its mission to protect companies and organizations from data breaches by identifying, monitoring and resolving indicators of cyber attacks in real-time, SwiftSafe provides world-class Information Security through its unique hybrid approach. The company integrates cutting-edge technology with human expertise to detect and defend against new attacks within minutes. At SwiftSafe, they provide 24x7x365 global monitoring, oversight and incident response services at a fraction of the cost of your existing solutions.

For more information about their top-quality cybersecurity services, visit https://swiftsafe.com/ and discover their customized and innovative cybersecurity solutions to fulfill the diverse requirements of different organizations. Stay ahead of cybersecurity risks and ensure your organization is prepared for future attacks. Computers never think of your privacy; luckily for you, SwiftSafe does!

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