Vamoose Products offers the only safe and effective products on the market for permanently removing smoke odors and residues from homes and vehicle interiors.


Round Rock, TX, February 10, 2020 – Vamoose Products offers the only cigarette and tobacco smoke odor eliminator on the market. Their innovative line of sprays dramatically differs from other products currently on the market. Vamoose! Products will not mask smells, but instead, helps to eliminate odors permanently. Vamoose! is a more effective product compared to Febreze, Lysol, and Oust.

A spokesperson at Vamoose Products says, “Our mission is to offer our customers the safest and most effective solution for permanently removing both smoke odors and tobacco-related VOC’s from their homes and vehicles. It’s not enough to mask odors from cigarette smoke. To truly be effective, the product needs to remove all traces and chemicals from previous tar and nicotine exposure. We are proud to say there is nothing else on the market that can do what our product does.  Hundreds of happy customer testimonials even back our product and service standards.”

Vamoose! works by turning harsh smoke odors into non-volatile and non-odorous inert salts. This also helps to fully dissolve tar and nicotine residue as well as other chemicals. Being exposed to third hand smoke is known to cause health issues. There is also a significant health risk for younger children, as these volatile organic compounds are carcinogenic. Children are more likely to touch these affected surfaces and then transfer these compounds into their mouths. The removal of harmful smoke-related VOC’s makes for a much safer and healthier indoor environment. 

Vamoose! does all this without causing any damage to hard surfaces, wood, fabrics, leather, and other materials. It is ideal for use on clothing, furniture, paneling, carpets, tile, drapes, and ceilings. Their product line is both safe and effective to use in the home or your vehicle. One of the most popular uses for Vamoose! is as a car cigarette smell remover.  It’s also available for commercial use, like in hotel rooms or apartment buildings.

The product line offers pleasant fragrances in leather scent, fresh scent, and new car scent. There is also a scent-free option for those sensitive to fragrances. Vamoose Products are available in different sizes, depending on your needs. Customers can choose from 4, 16, or 32 oz trigger spray bottles. The company also offers gallon-size refills for larger surfaces. Vamoose! also features a Home Treatment Kit that handles homes up to 1400 sq. ft. Their website contains helpful instruction and usage guides to inform customers about their products better.

The entire Vamoose! product line is made in the USA. Their cigarette and tobacco smoke odor eliminator is also backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. The company is now offering free shipping to their online customers (within the continental USA). 

About Vamoose!: Vamoose Products provides a line of smoke odor removal products in varying fragrances and a fragrance-free option. Their products are available in 4 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz spray bottles, and 1-Gallon refill containers.

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