LLC is helping homeowners fight back against porch pirates with many different security measures.


New York, September 2, 2022— In a time where deliveries are becoming ever more popular, so is the risk of having your packages stolen by porch pirates.

Buffalo, New York has the sixth most porch pirate incidents in the nation during the pandemic. Over one-third of Americans have fallen victim to porch pirate theft at one point in their lives. is here to help you keep your packages safe. They have written up a helpful blog on how to prevent porch pirates. This informative, yet easy-to-read post highlights many different ways in which you can keep porch pirates away. 

The best way to prevent porch pirates is with security camera installation. Security cameras not only work as a deterrent, but they also can catch thieves in the act should they decide to take your packages.

Security cameras can record footage for multiple days at a time before the data needs to be cleared, providing a watchful eye over your property at all times. There are many different forms of security cameras aside from the traditional camera. 

Doorbell cameras are a good way to get a close look at anyone on your porch. Home automation and smart home technology can also be used in a similar manner.

To help promote the safety of your packages, is offering FREE security camera installation consultations for New York homeowners. This can be a life-changing upgrade you make to your home.

“I was losing at least a package a month thanks to porch pirates, so I had one of those cameras installed. Since then, I have not had a single package stolen. Works like a charm!” said one New York homeowner.

There are other ways to prevent porch pirates as well. A porch pirate bag is a bag that attaches to your door or any other part of your home. Once your package is placed in this bag, porch pirates cannot take it since it is attached to something!

A drop box works in a similar manner. The locked box opens one way, preventing unwanted guests from taking anything from it.

If you are home often, you can require a signature with your packages. A great way to prevent package theft is by leaving nothing out on your porch in the first place! In addition, by getting to know your delivery drivers, you can ensure they are aware that you, and nobody else, should be accepting your packages.

Nobody likes losing their packages, but luckily there are precautions we can take to avoid theft. Visit today!

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