Premier Wireless Business Technology Solutions is a leading company in developing seamless technology that helps various industries connect to the internet easier. With distance learning, many students and teachers have been struggling to connect to the internet and accomplish their schoolwork. Premier Wireless Business Technology Solutions have developed several products to fix that problem, including TotSpots for Tots™. For more information, visit


Houston, TX ‒ April 15, 2021 ‒ In their commitment to providing technology solutions for the education sector, Premier Wireless Business Technology Solutions’ TotSpot™ product makes it easy for children to complete their schoolwork while learning remotely.  

“Many teachers, especially those in Head Start and Pre-Kindergarten, are struggling to find an effective way to instruct their students,” said Lea Bogle, President of Premier Wireless Business Technology Solutions. “Younger kids aren’t able to use a laptop as easily as older ones, so we created a tablet that has everything kids need to learn in one spot.” 

TotSpots for Tots™ is a tablet that comes in a rugged carrying case that is built to withstand wear and tear. It also has a handle that makes it easy for smaller children to carry. You are able to select the apps you’d like on the device and it comes preloaded with them. As an educator, utilize the Smart Management Console™ to make any changes to apps on all the devices from one centralized location. TotSpots for Tots™ comes with cellular connectivity already built-in or WiFi connection. You will also be able to limit the tablet to only being able to use the school-approved apps, enabling this tablet to be only for schoolwork. 

Many students in rural areas have had issues finding reliable internet. Every Premier Smart Series Device comes equipped with the option of WiFi connectivity or 4G LTE internet access. With CIPA compliant content filtering, don’t worry about your students finding inappropriate content while on the device. The ConnectEd Bus™ enables a school bus to have WiFi internet access as well as the area around the vehicle. When the buses aren’t in use, they can be parked in parking lots or neighborhoods for easy internet access for students while they practice social distancing. Premier Wireless Business Technology Solutions makes it easier for students to get online and complete their schoolwork. 

For more information on Premier Wireless Business Technology Solutions, visit their website or call them at (281) 667-0404. 


Based out of Houston, Texas, Premier Wireless Business Technology Solutions’ mission is to provide innovative technology solutions for healthcare, education, hospitality, government, enterprise, and SMB companies across the United States. They have sold over one million devices, making them an integral partner in improving communication, addressing digital problems, enhancing safety, and embracing technology. With the introduction of the TotSpot™, ConnectedED Bus™, and RhinoWare Smart Door Barricade, Premier Wireless Business Technology strives to maintain its commitment to utilizing modern technology to solve the challenges people face today in the digital era. 

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