Top-of-the-line technology advisor Premier Wireless Business Technology Solutions has developed the ConnectED Bus™, a high-speed wifi equipped school bus that provides high-quality internet access to students who need it to complete remote learning assignments, as well as bolstering the overall productivity of long, rural community commutes.


Houston, TX, July 10, 2020 — Premier Wireless Business Technology Solutions, a white-glove technology advisor, has developed a system for supplying unlimited high-speed wifi on 120 Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD school buses, providing crucial internet access particularly to students living in communities whose internet access is limited.

ConnectED Bus™, the ultimate hotspot so to speak, provides students with high-speed internet, enabling productivity and connectivity. This service seeks to help close the digital divide of technology access, a rift that the current health crisis has made all too clear as students who live with limited internet access can hardly complete the online coursework that remote learning mandates. ConnectED Bus™ turns a regular school bus into a high-powered mobile hotspot capable of providing internet access for up to a quarter-mile radius of students, with each bus capable of connecting as many as one hundred twenty-eight (128) students to the CIPA-filtered content. In this time of social distancing, the installation of wifi on school buses is crucial, as schools can dispatch buses to areas of low internet access to provide students with the resources they need to succeed in remote learning.

When asked how this service will support students once schools shift back to in-person instruction, PWBTS spokesperson, Lea Bogle, relates how ConnectED Bus™ “helps students, especially students without a ton of internet access at home, to make the most of their commuting time. The daily commute for rural communities can be over 2 hours each way, which means somewhere around 4 hours each day! That doesn’t even take student-athletes and other extra-curriculars into account. ConnectED Bus™ will allow students to use this time to get work done, like internet research, online assignments, test studying, all the things that these kids need to do online, but often can’t due to a lack of internet access at home.” Later on, she added, “Plus, studies are showing that this service actually increases overall student performance and decreases disruptive incidents. It’s like a win-win.”

About Premier Wireless Business Technology Solutions: For around 30 years, Premier Wireless Business Technology Solutions, as a trusted technology advisor, has provided innovative solutions and white-glove support for education, healthcare, government, hospitality, enterprise, and SMB companies across of the U.S. Premier Wireless seeks to assist in addressing the question of how to close the digital divide, improving communication, embracing new technology, and enhancing safety for those who may not have access to the newest or best tech. Most recently, Premier Wireless has developed a variety of technology — like the ConnectED Bus™, as mentioned above, as well as (among other advances) the RhinoWare® Smart Door Barricade, which helps to slow active shooters while accelerating the responses of security teams — technology which provides innovative solutions that illustrate a commitment to utilizing modern technology to its fullest extent. 

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