“Buy an RV!” they said. “It’ll be fun.”

They also told you boats, golf carts, and living off the grid would be fun. And they are–if you have the right kind of power. Or, the right way to power.

People who love outdoor adventures are enjoying faster travel, longer backcountry trips, and better ways of using solar power. This means more memorable vacations and living experiences.

We can show you how they’re doing it with 12v 100ah lithium battery power!

Take a look at 5 unique ways people use battery power for outdoor recreation. You might even come up with a few of your own.

Take Your Home on the Road

Whether you’re new to the RV life or are a seasoned boondocker, you should look into using a 12v 100ah lithium battery as your house battery.

A standard RV needs two batteries. The starter battery, like the one in your car, helps start the engine. The other battery, often called the house battery, powers interior lights, kitchen appliances, and more when your RV’s engine is turned off.

The house battery is your lifeline if you plan on boondocking-camping with limited or no access to amenities.

When you drive an RV off the lot, it normally has a 12 volt RV battery installed. Chances are that it’s either a wet cell battery or an Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery. AGM batteries are maintenance free, whereas wet cell batteries are not.

Both have disadvantages that can be overcome by switching a to 12v 100ah lithium-ion battery.

Corrosion on battery terminals and the ring terminals on the battery cables is a problem with wet cell batteries. This happens as a result of gassing during the battery charging process.

Deep cycle AGM batteries, used in RVs for house batteries, can only be discharged to 50%. Lithiums are routinely run down to 20%.

Lithium batteries charge at full rates to nearly 99% and they don’t need a full recharge each time.

AGM batteries are heavy. Most brands weigh about 66 lbs each.  One 12v 100ah lithium ion deep cycle battery weighs around 28 lbs.

Lithium batteries drop voltage less than either wet cell or AGM when powering heavy loads and at discharge. You can use the microwave or any other kitchen appliance at full capacity.

Ready for a little boondocking?

Come Sail Away

When you dreamed of living on a houseboat, you probably didn’t give too much thought to how you’d power the lights or your Mr. Coffee.

Your dreams were of the wind in your sails and exotic ports of call. Well, maybe not too exotic. After all, it’s a houseboat and they don’t fare well on the high seas.

Whether you live on a houseboat or spend your days on a catamaran, generating electricity is a big deal.

Like Jason and Nikki Wynn, you’ll soon realize how much electricity is needed on a boat. And like these seasoned windjammers, you’ll want lithium-ion batteries in your battery bank.

These batteries simply make the boating life easier. Weight on a boat is a huge concern, and so is space. Because they weigh less than traditional batteries, you won’t add an extraordinary amount of weight. They can usually fit in a tight space too.

And if speed and distance are important (they should be), you’ll go faster and further with them on board.

As far as 12v 100ah lithium-ion battery price, you may pay a little more, but you’ll make up for it in the other features.

Get your lifejackets and climb aboard.

Tee Time and a 12v 100ah Lithium Battery

Attention residents of Peachtree City, GA! Are you still driving an oldfangled gas powered golf cart?

A 2010 online survey of this city’s residents shows 79% of respondents favored banning gas-powered golf carts.

The alternative is the electric golf cart, which runs on batteries.

Using an electric golf cart may solve several issues. First, no smelly fuel and less noise when you’re putting around town. Second, battery operated vehicles, no matter how small they are, are better for the environment.

When you power your cart with a 12v 100ah lithium-ion battery, you take your cart to the next level of cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Traditional golf cart batteries average of 500 charge cycles. Lithium-ion batteries can give up to 5,000 charge cycles. That means many more driving hours before you deplete the battery.

If you’re into longevity, the lithium-ion battery beats the wet cell battery, which only gets 50% of the lithium battery life.

Lithium-ion batteries are lighter than the big and heavy traditional golf batteries. This allows more speed, smoother ride, and less power consumption.

Maybe you could even work in a friendly cart competition before tee time.

The Tiny House Revolution

The tiny house movement has taken over reality television in the last few years, but it’s been a movement of sorts for decades.

Due to zoning rules and city codes, many people who dream of this downsized style of home building live off the grid. And living off the grid often includes using solar energy for powering lights and appliances.

The main use for batteries in a tiny house is for powering the solar storage system, and the 12v 100ah lithium ion deep cycle battery is the best choice.

Lithium ion batteries make excellent partners for off-grid solar systems for many of the same reasons they work better in RVs.

They’re lighter and more compact than traditional lead-acid batteries. They have a higher depth of discharge (DoD) than lead-acid batteries.  They last longer as well.

If you, like many others marching in the tiny house revolution, are building your own solar power system, you know how critical it is that you maximize your ability to utilize the power your solar panels generate.

Sometimes you need more energy than what the solar panels produce. This is when you use stored solar energy.

The biggest advantage of lithium-ion batteries for solar energy applications is the high life-cycle (3000-5000 cycles). These batteries also charge and discharge at a high level of efficiency.  This allows a larger energy harvest from the solar panels.

One goal of the tiny house movement a simpler life lived in an environmentally friendly manner. Lithium ion batteries make a good partner with those joining the movement.

Listen to the Music

You’re the life of the party and famous for your playlist. Why not take your music on the road and build your own traveling music festival?

With a 12v 100ah lithium-ion battery pack, dual 12″ PA speakers, and a flat-bed trailer hitched to your bike, you can bring the music in a big way.

Make friends with the tiny house people above and you can start a business providing sound for solar-powered concerts.

Aside from the longer life and more efficient charge and discharge capability of these batteries, their lighter weight makes them the better choice over the heavier traditional 12V batteries.

Designing and building the components for a DIY concert will be a labor of love, but it will be worth it when you show off your creative and analytical skills to your concert-going friends.

Take a Walk on the Right Side

We appreciate you taking time to read about innovative and create ways people use our batteries.

If you’re ready for longer adventures, faster sailing, and louder music that travels the distance, join the growing tribe of 12v 100ah lithium battery users.

To experience the latest in battery technology, check out our 12v 100ah lithium battery