Dallas, TX, May 5, 2022— Since the drop of their first YouTube video, Blue Edge Financial has surpassed 63.5k subscribers and receives millions of views. Adam Wenig is the founder of Blue Edge Financial, which is focused on educating millions on the booming cryptocurrency ecosystem. This $2T market cap could continue to grow to $100T throughout the next decade according to Adam.

Wenig starts by examining crypto in comparison to other assets. Crypto currently sits at less than a $2 trillion market cap in comparison to metals such as gold and silver which have an approximate $14 trillion market cap. “The main purpose of metals outside of jewelry is to store value,” says Adam. He postulates by comparing the cost to transfer 1 million of BTC from New York to California versus gold which would carry an astronomical cost and risk.

“If we look at equities which sit at around 98T, Industry Bonds at 120T, and Real Estate at 326T what you begin to see is the ‘tokenization’ of all these different industries. It’s not unrealistic to estimate the crypto market to hit 100T by the end of the decade,” says Wenig.

When looking at the technology adoption curve, known as the Sigmoid Curve, and essentially like any growing organism, business, or technology is adopted in a similar way. According to Adam, we sit between an Early Adopters and Early Majority phase, which indicates a significant amount of time before the curve starts to change.

In a tweet by Raoul Pal regarding adoption rate, cryptocurrency is being adopted at 113%, which is the fastest adoption rate in human history. The adoption of the internet was only 63%. Adam believes that crypto is able to catalyze off the rails of the internet and endless marketing opportunities. With roughly 200-250M adopters in the world, crypto compares to the adoption rate of the internet in the late 90s. It is speculated that up to 3.7B people could adopt crypto by 2030.

Adam shares that the adoption of crypto is unstoppable and growth is inevitable. He predicts that people will gain control over their money and say goodbye to the ‘societal bank standard’ to enter the world of decentralized finance. During this time, Wenig will be sharing his findings and insights on the Blue Edge Crypto Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter as well.

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