Ploumanac’h has finally announced that it is launching its services on the wholesale platform website Joor.


Arenzano, Italy, 11 September 2020 – For the first time ever, Ploumanac’h is proud to announce that it is launching its services on Joor.

Ploumanac’h, an Arenzano-based resort wear fashion brand, has finally announced that it is launching its services on the wholesale platform website Joor.

Want to learn more about this remarkable resort wear brand?

The company explains that “since [the global health crisis] has created uncertainty for the fashion market, Kostner (the fashion agency and the parent company of Ploumanac’h) has decided to use Joor to bridge the gap and connecting Ploumanac’h to its wholesale customers, virtually.”

Ploumanac’h provides a wide variety of fashionable apparel to help improve your look, which are all offered on its website at

The company contains to state that, “inspired by the colors of the Breton coast, we built Ploumanac’h resort wear to offer you handcrafted quality clothing you can wear year-round. By using natural fibers, less water, and saving energy in the creation of Ploumanac’h garments, we build our collections consciously.”

With so many people searching for quality apparel, it can be hard to know which clothing company to trust. That’s where Ploumanac’h comes in. With a focus on the finest materials and styles, Ploumanac’h’s resort wear is guaranteed to give you the fresh look that you deserve.

The company shares that, “Ploumanac’h is a village port in Brittany, famous for its beautiful coast, pink granite rocks, and picturesque ocean views. Inspired by Bretton shores, we created the Ploumanac’h brand, casting the washed-out colors of its coast and infusing the scent of the ocean in every garment we design. The brand is based in Arenzano, a coastal town in Italy, where, just like in Ploumanac’h, the sea plays a central role in our everyday life.”

What inspires Ploumanac’h’s relaxing looks?

The company says that “at Ploumanac’h, we’ve always had an eye for the ocean and the environment, avoiding mass production and favoring more sustainable ways of creating our designs. We select and use natural fibers, choosing from local mills and weavers, and dye garments with innovative systems, saving water and wasting no energy. Our goal is to design and create beautiful and colorful clothes that people can wear on vacation, respecting the environment, and honoring the centennial sewing traditions that characterize our land.”

Interested in adding an Italian to your next outfit?

According to the company, “our vision at Ploumanac’h is to transmit the relaxed sensations of our lands to whoever wears our items. Also, we have a focus on keeping the unique and fulfilling work-life balance typical of our country.”

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About Ploumanac’h: Ploumanac’h is a resort wear fashion brand that is based out of Arenzano, Italy.

Contact Info:

Name: Filippo Decotto
Organization: Ploumanac’h
Address: Ploumanac’h, Arenzano, Italy
Phone: +39 010 407 6683