Pipe 9 is the UK’s Top Provider of Affordable and Reliable Hosting Services. They Have Budget-Friendly Monthly Plans for Shared Hosting Services, Reseller Hosting Services, and Dedicated Servers. Visit Their Website to Sign Up for Safe and Secure Hosting Services With Guaranteed Uptime and 24 Hour Support.

January 10, London, UK – Pipe 9 is the UK’s top provider of affordable and reliable web hosting services. With prices starting from just £2.50 per month for their shared hosting services, at just £9.50 monthly for reseller hosting services, and from just £55.00 per month for dedicated servers, they have options available for every budget. Plus, when you choose Pipe 9, you get additional perks like added security and guaranteed uptime. And, you never have to worry about running into a problem that you are forced to face alone because Pipe 9 offers 24-hour support, 7 days a week.

Pipe 9 is located in the UK, which makes your website faster and more accessible to all of your UK visitors. This makes Pipe 9 ideal for businesses that are based in the United Kingdom. Their servers are located within private and secure rack space and connected to premium network infrastructure, ensuring the highest quality of service. And, because of their extensive experience in the industry, their specialists are fully aware of their web server’s limits so that there’s never the issue of overcrowding.

Pipe 9’s shared hosting plans come in four packages, with prices ranging from £2.50 for their Starter package to £7.00 for their most advanced Developer package. All plans include basic specifications such as unlimited databases and unlimited email accounts. Their reseller hosting plans, at prices that vary from £9.50 to £24.00 offer unlimited bandwidth and unlimited domains and have storage capacities that range from 30 GB of storage to 100 GB of storage. Dedicated servers include four options and a wide range of various capabilities and specifications to accommodate whatever your needs may be.

What’s more, is that you can sign up for any of Pipe 9’s monthly plans and packages quickly and easily online by visiting their website. All of the Pipe 9 shared & reseller hosting packages can be set up instantly once payment is received. If you have questions or encounter an issue at any point during the sign-up process, or any time thereafter, all you have to do is complete an easy-to-fill-out form online. Soon, you’ll be contacted by one of their service professionals who can help identify, diagnose and walk you through the steps to remedy any problem you may be having.

Now, there’s no reason that everyone can’t enjoy high-speed, reliable, secure hosting services at prices that are low enough to fit any budget. Why wait to get the services you want at prices that you can easily afford? Head to the Pipe 9 website to get signed up online today. The process is quick and payment is instant, so you can start enjoying their services within minutes.

About Pipe 9 Limited: Since 2019 Pipe 9 Limited has been empowering people by delivering innovative new ways to harness the power of the web. Their commitment to the highest possible standards of quality, performance, and value, along with competitive features, including guaranteed uptime and enhanced security, has led them to become the UK’s top provider of hosting solutions. Today, clients from around the world enjoy their premium dedicated servers and hosting plans.


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