The online research program for high school students has launched a new infographic detailing the educational backgrounds of the forty-five Presidents of the United States of America. The infographic shows the presidents who went to college, the higher institutions they attended, their majors, and other information related to higher education. Such content is perfect for high school students in time for President’s Day on February 21st. Learn more here.


Philadelphia, PA, February 21, 2022— Pioneer Academics has launched a presidential education infographic about the unique educational journeys of the different US Presidents. Through this infographic, students will learn which presidents did attend college, those who self-taught themselves by reading books, those that attended college, and the higher education institutions they attended. Such content is perfect for students to learn more about the heads of state in time for President’s Day.

“In line with our vision to provide inspiring educational experiences that unlock students’ curiosity, we are proud to present to you the presidential education infographic. This is the perfect content for our high school students as we approach President’s Day. Pioneer Academics is all about transcending cultural, socioeconomic and geographic barriers to inspire students to explore, question and generate their ideas,” said Amy Lee, Outreach and Communications head at Pioneer Academics.

The infographics show what course was most popular among the heads of state, sixteen of them pursuing a law degree. It also touches on graduate school, with twenty US presidents attending a graduate school and two earning a post-humous graduate degree. Other data presented include presidential IQ levels, the highest being John Quincy Adams with 175 and Ulysse S. Grant 120 score the lowest.

“Twenty of our presidents have received graduate degrees. Teddy and Franklin received graduate degrees post humously from Columbia Law School. It happens that law is the most popular field of study for our presidents, with sixteen attending Law school. Graduate degrees aren’t the only measure of intelligence because, as you will learn, even non-educated presidents had high IQs. For example, John Quincy is said to be our most intelligent president, with an IQ of 175,” added Amy.

Through this infographic, the online research program for high school students helps students understand that everyone has a unique journey to success, but higher education is crucial. Students need to understand there is no clear-cut path to victory, but looking at the US President’s journey’s they had a desire to learn.

Pioneer Academics aims at helping students become impactful members of society through personalized and guided educational experiences.

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