PilotTrack provides refurbished HDD locators and sonde transmitters to business owners to help them lower operating costs. The company has launched its newest sonde transmitter compatible with the DigiTrak F5Ⓡ locator for horizontal directional drilling. The new transmitter has an in-built digital thermometer and a dual-frequency capacity. Learn more here.

Lake Zurich, IL, February 15, 2022— Operational costs can go over the board sometimes, and businesses are constantly looking for ways to lower this cost. DigiTrak transmitters are relatively expensive, and when one breaks, business owners dig deeper into their pockets to finance a new one. PilotTrack provides refurbished transmitters and other drilling products to help companies save money on equipment. The new sonde transmitter has excellent features, a 180-day warranty, and a risk-free purchase.

“We are happy to launch our newest addition to the DigiTrakⓇ transmitters, the Refurbished 5XD 19/12 Sonde Transmitter. It is compatible with the DigiTrakF5Ⓡ locator used for horizontal drilling features a dual-frequency capability, pitch readings of 0.1%, and a depth of up to 65ft. It also has an inbuilt digital thermometer that measures the temperature and displays it on the bottom right of the F5 receiver and remote display screens,” explained Max Khod, PilotTrack representative.

Directional Drilling, also known as directional boring, is any drilling that does not take a vertical angle. It is a common drilling method used in oil drilling, utility pipes, sewer lines, telecommunication, and electric cables. Sonde transmitters and locators help the drilling crew identify the position of the drilling head to ensure the pilot hole is going in the right direction. Once the pilot hole is complete, the team then expands it through a process known as reaming to fit the size of the pipe or cable.

“The right equipment makes your horizontal directional drilling project safer and go more smoothly. One of the most important pieces of equipment is your HDD locator system. You need to accurately and efficiently track your drill head throughout the planned path.PilotTrack has the parts or complete systems you need. We offer refurbished sonde transmitters backed by a 180-day warranty,” added Khod.

PilotTrack has a dedicated collection of refurbished HDD equipment from major brands, including DigiTrak, Subsite, and Ditch Witch. The products on sale on the company’s website include transmitters, locators, batteries, accessories, and chargers. These products save business owners money, lower operating costs, and have a 180-day warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

“If you are looking to buy an HDD locator or sonde transmitter for your business, PilotTrack is your go-to-place. From DigiTrak, Subsite to Witch Ditch, you will find refurbished equipment that saves your money or provides a prestigious legacy for production items. Shop with us today to keep your drilling business going,” added Khod.

About PilotTrack: PilotTrack is a commercial and industrial equipment supplier specializing in horizontal directional drilling (HDD) products. The company offers refurbished HDD transmitters, locators, batteries, chargers, and accessories from brands such as DigiTrak, Subsite, and Ditch Witch. These products have a 180-day warranty and a risk-free purchase. The company also offers same-day delivery and free shipping across Illinois and beyond.

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