National Pile Croppers is a leading national supplier of croppers for hire. Their wide range of available equipment is designed in-house and the latest technology is constantly being developed and produced. Fully qualified and friendly delivery staff will set up your cropping equipment on-time and work with you on how best to deal with your pile type. Technical support is available to clients 24 hours per day. NPC’s aim is to simply be the best at what they do. They’re passionate about providing clients with fast, knowledgeable responses and delivering the best pile cropping equipment and service on-time. Learn more at  


Swadlincote, England — 11 March 2020 — National Pile Croppers (NPC), a national leading supplier of croppers for hire, specializes in providing customers with the latest machinery and comprehensive, personalized service. 

During a pile cropper hire, fully qualified and friendly NPC staff will set up the equipment on-time and work with you on finding the most effective way to deal with your pile type. Hydraulic support is available 24 hours per day to minimize any downtime if a customer is experiencing an issue. 

“NPC has a wide range of equipment. Our machinery is designed in-house and new technology is constantly being developed and produced,” said Lee Aston, director of NPC. “We can send our equipment anywhere across the nation and personalize our services for all of your needs.”

Concrete piles are precast tubes driven into place on a construction site to support new architecture. They are built light and hollow, in a square or hexagonal design, and once in place can be filled with concrete for reinforcement in precarious conditions like soft sediment or aggressive soil. 

“Every job is different. Whether driving concrete piles into various kinds of ground, rock or in water, our team can help you select the correct size and type of pile, as well as finding the most cost-effective way to drive it into place,” said Aston. “Most industries prefer concrete piles because they possess outstanding adaptability and corrosion resistance. Building with pile segments is also highly versatile.”

Customers seeking a cropper hire can get more information by calling 03300 240247 or visiting A case study is available online with an example of how NPC provided exemplary service to Churngold Construction, and check out the company blog to read the latest news and construction tips.


Our aim is simple – to provide a friendly, knowledgeable and professional service using competitively priced and market-leading equipment – taking the problem out of your hands.

Deal directly with Lee, Simon and Paul, the company directors passionate about personal service – they offer you the benefit of the best knowledge available within the UK market. Customer accounts, contracts, and daily inquiries are handled by Sarah and Lisa who will be glad to help during normal office hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Out of hours, calls will always be answered giving you 24/7 support.

Hire our specialist cropping equipment, designed in-house and available nationwide, with services tailored to meet your requirements. It’s not the name, it’s the people!

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