Seahawk is proud to partner with Pete McBride to design & develop a Bespoke Enterprise-grade WordPress website for one of the top National Geographic photographers.


Boston, MA, July 20, 2021 – Seahawk is excited to team up with Pete McBride of National Geographic to design and develop his new enterprise custom WordPress website.

Seahawk, a Boston-based enterprise WordPress development company, is proud to partner with Pete McBride of National Geographic to design & develop a Bespoke Enterprise-grade WordPress website for one of the top National Geographic photographers.

According to Ryan Hussey, CEO of Seahawk: “We are very honored and proud to work with an inspirational wildlife photographer like Pete. It has been a pleasure to work with him and his talented team on the website.”

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Hussey continues to state that, “Every major influencer needs a custom publishing platform that their team can easily update and edit. We find that the combination of WordPress and Elementor simplifies this process for our customers, while still maintaining Enterprise website standards.”

With so many people looking for enterprise WordPress services, it can be hard to figure out where to turn. Luckily for you, that’s where Seahawk comes in. With a focus on customer service, Seahawk will make sure that you’re in good hands.

About his work with Pete McBride, Hitesh Chopra, Head of Web Operations at Seahawk says that “we wanted to build the absolute best website for Pete and his team. He has a massive following and is one of the world’s top photographers so the pressure was on and expectations were super high. We went through an extensive design process with him and his team then converted the approved design to WordPress – pixel-perfect quality. We focus on the details here. Pete’s team was incredible to work with and I am super proud of the designers and developers at Seahawk who worked so hard on this project.”

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About Seahawk: Seahawk is an enterprise WordPress company that is based in Boston, Massachusetts and was founded in 2015.

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