Peer-Pods Personal Healing Teams is excited to offer a new healing service. In teams of three, pod mates work hard to help each other reach a higher level of consciousness and healing.


Towson, MD, October 2, 2020 – Peer-Pods Personal Healing Teams help each other heal and become more conscious.

According to Joe Campanella, founder and CEO of Peer Pods: “Influencers in psychology, spirituality, recovery, and the human development movements take heed. This is an important new healing protocol your followers will definitely want you to share with them. Once every couple [of] generations there arises a technology that is profoundly transformative with the capacity to heal, awaken, and speed the evolution of millions of people. In the West, we have benefited from the introduction of psychotherapy, yoga, meditation, twelve-step programs.”

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“Now we have another unique and potent healing tool called Peer–Pods Personal Healing Teams. In a Peer Pod Personal Healing Team, the 3 pod mates commit to help each other heal and become more conscious. Pod Mates are trained together online in a simple process that is repeated weekly in a one-hour phone call. The practice is designed to be a long-term renewal and resilience-building practice. In many cases, Peer-Pods can be used in addition to talk therapy or group processes. Peer-Pods is cheaper than therapy and more focused than group processes.”

“Human beings are the most potent resource on this planet. However, our potential is dramatically underdeveloped. The most persistent delusion on this planet is that we are separate from each other, nature, and Source. We have lost touch with the truth that each of us are the Meaning Makers of our reality. The childhood victim mentality persists throughout most people’s entire lives and is profoundly disempowering. Every time we think our suffering, or our joy, is the result of the actions of others we are in this delusion. Every time we think our suffering or our joy is the result of circumstances outside of us, we are caught in this delusion. This point of view is the underlying reason for all of the individual and collective suffering in human history. Long ago and far away the elders of our communities address this problem head-on through an effective initiation into adult spiritual life.”

“Sadly, however, effective initiation no longer exists in modern culture. As a result, people still define themselves by their family stories, their bodies, their education, their jobs, their marital and social status instead of realizing the truth that we are vast spiritual beings having a human experience. Peer-Pods Personal Healing Teams changes this by providing, “An Initiation At Your Own Pace.” The process enables you to incrementally deconstruct the victim-oriented programming from childhood.”

“Peer-Pods Personal Healing Teams enable ordinary people to recover their power as the Meaning Maker of their lives. This one practice dramatically improves your ability to heal your beliefs about yourself and the world and is a major ingredient of optimal mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Peer-Pods is a renewal and resilience building practice that speeds a person’s evolution. Take a look at ecosystems in nature. The ones that adapt most readily to changing conditions are the ones that survive and thrive.”

“Learning these simple skills in a Peer-Pod and using them on an ongoing basis, can be the difference between simply surviving and having an extraordinary life of wisdom and grace. Learning this practice will become an invaluable tool in your quest to live a life of skillfulness, power, purpose, and meaning. After several years of training people face-to-face we realized that this practice is extremely potent and effective for finding and resolving originating events that keep us all stuck in negative patterns, addictions, and limiting beliefs.”

“Pod Mates would frequently end sessions ‘weeping with gratitude’ because they had cleared material keeping them stuck for decades. These great, heart-opening experiences compelled us to find ways to bring this practice to as many people as possible. So, we have begun the global delivery of our online training. I am happy to do interviews, podcasts, give demonstrations, or present papers on this important new healing protocol.”

“Thank you for your interest in this important new development that can help so many in this time of heightened mental and emotional stress. Visit our web site at or call us at 443.583.4510 or email us at [email protected] or to schedule a call to learn more go to”

With much gratitude and many blessings,

Joe Campanella

Founder & CEO Peer-Pods Personal Healing Teams

About Peer-Pods Personal Healing Teams: Peer-Pods Personal Healing Teams is a personal healing team organizer that is based out of Towson, Maryland.

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