Paws-A-Bunch, a dog grooming and product e-commerce company is featuring an all-natural shampoo, Soothe-N-Itch Dog Shampoo! The new item is long-lasting with a delightful scent and will ease itching while leaving your dog’s coat soft and glowing. Paws-A-Bunch is highly rated among satisfied customers for their use of all-natural safe dog products!


Palmdale, CA, September 8, 2020 – Popular e-commerce dog care and product company, Paws-A-Bunch, is currently featuring their line of all-natural dog shampoo, Soothe-N-Itch! The anti-itch and scratch relief dog shampoo is long-lasting with a delightful scent and will leave any dog’s coat soft and luminous without the use of harmful chemicals. As a company that specializes in the care of each pet and the comfort for each owner, Paws-A-Bunch creates natural solutions to ease irritation from scratching and itching. 

Continuously highly rated by satisfied customers, the Soothe-N-Itch dog shampoo has been named one of the most reliable and trustworthy pet shampoos that customers are claiming they will “never use another shampoo on their dog again!” The e-commerce company is proud to offer products that are detergent free, sulfate-free, tearless, and paraben-free to help your dog’s coat look, feel, and smell incredible. 

While most other oatmeal dog shampoos are only using oat extracts, Paws-A-Bunch’s Soothe-N-Itch shampoo is made with the highest quality ingredients, such as colloidal oatmeal, so pet owners can be assured their fur-babies are well taken care of and given quality, reliable ingredients to treat any itching condition. For more information about Soothe-N-Itch Dog Shampoo, please visit

About Paws-A-Bunch: After witnessing their own Aussie Shepherd-Lab come down with numerous health issues, the owners started the Paws-A-Bunch brand and the Soothe-N-Itch product line. Paws-A-Bunch has quickly become one of the fastest pet grooming and product online e-commerce company by selling quality dog grooming products, including a specialized brand of colloidal oatmeal shampoo to help with any dog’s skin irritation and itching. As pet owners, the founders of Paws-A-Bunch understand what it is like to be concerned for the well being of your own fur-babies, which is why they made the promise to only use “100% natural ingredients to make products that improve your dog’s life,” and conduct strict tests to ensure each product is in perfect condition. 

The Soothe-N-Itch shampoo is highly acclaimed by satisfied customers thanks to being 100% natural and the great benefits from ingredients like colloidal oatmeal, aloe, cucumber, and coconut. Oatmeal alone has long been recognized for skin and complexion improvements and is one of the few ingredients that are safe for humans and animals alike! Colloidal oatmeal has been proven to restore dogs’ skin pH levels, as opposed to soap that actually causes more dryness. Colloidal oatmeal also has natural cleansing advantages that reduce inflammation and create a moisture-rich, protective, and hydrating component for a healthier-looking coat and skin!

As a proactive company that not only promises to use all-natural ingredients in their shampoo product, but for every item purchased, Paws-A-Bunch will make donations to local shelters and rescues that include blankets, shampoos, food, treats, and toys to ensure that each animal is always loved and cared for. For more information about the benefits of this product, please visit

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