Patturn is excited to introduce the many benefits of ReCommerce and show clients how to make ReCommerce better than ever.


Fort Worth, TX, March 12, 2021 – Patturn is looking forward to launching its new ReCommerce Management Platform.

Patturn, a Fort Worth-based order management company, is excited to introduce the many benefits of ReCommerce and show clients how to make ReCommerce better than ever.

Not sure what ReCommerce is yet?

According to Patturn, “ReCommerce is the practice of selling second-hand or pre-owned goods. When buying and selling secondhand comes to mind, most people think of things like thrift stores or antique shops. While these places are still popular (and more popular than ever), with the boom of online retailers, more and more people are going online for their thrifted finds.

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Patturn continues to explain that “unlike standard eCommerce that relies on fast fashion, expensive firsthand products, or cheap products that are poorly-made, ReCommerce relies on higher-quality or more affordable items from other people. One common form of ReCommerce is through the sales of refurbished electronics. You may receive these refurbished items to sell to customers for a reasonable price. You could also sell the unusable items to others to repair on their own (and then use or resell).”

Don’t know where to source your items from? 

According to Patturn, “many people get concerned about sourcing ReCommerce items because the avenues aren’t as clear. While there are easy-to-find suppliers for standard eCommerce businesses, you have to do some searching to find secondhand items that are up to par. There are several ways to source your secondhand items, and it all depends on what you’re planning on selling. Your process can also change once you gain traction and your business gets more popular. Most people find their items by going to brick-and-mortar thrift and resale stores. They pick out items that are affordable but in good condition and that they think their customers will like.”

With so many businesses looking for ReCommerce services, it can be hard to know where to turn. Luckily for you, that’s where Patturn comes in. With a focus on easy-to-use platforms, Patturn has the order management tools you need to succeed.

What are the benefits of ReCommerce?

Patturn shares that “one of the great things about ReCommerce is that you’re supplying things that your customers don’t get to see. They’re buying things that they won’t find at stores. Many eCommerce stores use the same suppliers as all of the other stores within their niche.”

Want to get started using the ReCommerce Management Platform?

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About Patturn: Patturn is an order management company that is based in Fort Worth, Texas. They are excited to launch their new ReCommerce Management Platform.

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