Patton Law Office, S.C. is a Wisconsin-based law firm that now has two locations in the state: in Kenosha and Racine. We can now help more clients across the state and we offer a variety of legal services using creative solutions from our team of expert lawyers.


Racine, WI, October 27, 2022— Patton Law Office, S.C. is a Wisconsin-based law firm working in a variety of fields. Their team of lawyers and experts helps find creative solutions to help win cases related to child protection, criminal defense, Indian Law, victim’s rights, and family law. They are proud to announce that they now have two locations in the state — in Kenosha and Racine.

If you’re looking for a Criminal Defense Lawyer, Patton Law Office, S.C. is here to help. They can assist you if you’ve been accused of a crime and need to find the best defense to protect against your accusations.

Within criminal defense, they specialize in defending against everything from misdemeanors, and financial crimes, to criminal conspiracy. They can ensure you clear your name or escape an unjust sentence.

They also can offer a drug crime lawyer if you’re in need of one. As drugs become a more prevalent aspect of our society, they can help fight your case if you’ve been accused of being involved in drug trafficking.

A domestic violence lawyer is also there if you need to protect against any charge of this crime. This is a serious charge and can lead to imprisonment, loss of employment, and even loss of parental rights.

Patton Law Office, S.C. has several years of helping clients fight the most challenging of cases. Now, with their two offices in Kenosha and Racine, they’ll help even more Wisconsin residents receive fair trials.

As David Patton puts it: “We’ve always been committed to helping our clients clear their name or avoid unjust punishments. We hold the law in high regard and want to ensure that our clients get the best defense possible. We’re proud to announce that we now have two offices in Wisconsin and are eager to help more residents across the state.”

With the opening of two practices, one can only expect Patton Law Office, S.C., to be able to assist and fight more cases for those in need.

Patton Law Office, S.C. will continue to be the leader in offering creative solutions for a variety of legal services across Wisconsin. Now with their two locations in Kenosha and Racine, they can reach a wider client base and continue to ensure justice gets served.

About Patton Law Office, S.C.: Patton Law Office, S.C., is a Kenosha and Racine based law firm that offers a variety of different legal services. Our team finds creative solutions to help with child protection, criminal defense, Indian Law, victim’s rights, and family law. You can give us a call today for a consultation.

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