has the highest standard and most affordable DNA Tests in today’s market. They are a trusted and respected DNA Brand, utilized by legal and non-legal professionals. With over 3,500 Accredited Relationship (DNA) Testing Facilities, they are sure to have a location near your home or office. The lab’s DNA Test Results are trusted partners with Maury®, Steve Wilkos® & Paternity Court®. Call (877) 786-9543 for a consultation and for the latest updates in at home DNA Testing, like and add their pages on Facebook and @PaternityUSA on Twitter.


Fairfield, OH, June 5, 2020 – in partnership with DDC, and as seen on TV, offers Accredited Relationship (DNA) Testing services with over 3,500 network locations nationwide. They are known as the most trusted and recognizable names in today’s DNA testing field. In addition to their many services, they provide affordable pricing and free shipping for all DNA tests. guarantees high-quality testing services and strives to be better than Drugstore Brands. From the initial sample collection to DNA analysis, and reporting results, it is a trusted, affordable process, with 2-day results.

Our court-approved legal DNA Test happens at one of our Accredited Facility or at your doctor’s office. Legally, court-admissible sampling must follow a strict set of reporting guidelines. It is why each sampling is tested in-house in the USA. The results are 100% accurate, fully admissible in court, and happen under the guidance of a neutral medical professional. Confidentiality and accuracy when handling every case, they aim to bring peace of mind and closure. For more information on AABB Chain Of Custody Requirements and legal Paternity Tests visit

Non-Legal Paternity Tests are also available. At home, DNA Collection Kits provide a safe, worry-free, and discrete method for DNA collection. But, when they get back to the lab, these samples are treated with the same care as a legal DNA test. in partnership with DDC, is a trustworthy Brand used by some of the world’s top professionals and many thousands of ordinary people every month. In cases of adoption or when the alleged father is unavailable or unwilling to test, siblings can be tested to confirm or deny family relations, offers a half-sibling and Full Sibling DNA Test. Consultations on these services and DNA testing options are available Monday-Friday at (877) 786-9543.

The PaternityUSA promise is: every case is handled with discretion and care. The results are concise, with 100% accuracy, performed by geneticists who use proven scientific methods. Visit their website for more information and join the conversation on or @PaternityUSA on Twitter.

About is partnered with DDC a North American company based in Fairfield, Ohio with over 3,500 locations in the United States. They perform more relationship tests than any other DNA testing lab in the US. They provide the most accurate and trusted sample collection, DNA analysis, and reporting results in today’s legal and non-legal market. Visit for more information about PaternityUSA’s DNA Testing Kits.

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