Hackers continue to exploit all situations. Although schools are closed, academic life and students’ learning must go on. Secure authentication and login from any location or device should be a paramount concern for schools, and students.


WASHINGTON, D.C., March 30, 2020—LogMeOnce, the distinctive market leader in passwordless authentication, announced today a special offer for students affected by the school’s closure fallout. The fully-featured LogMeOnce Password Manager Professional edition will be free of charge for the next 60 days. As schools have mandated remote access, secure authentication and login from any location or device is a paramount concern for schools, and students. LogMeOnce encourages everyone to be more vigilant with their security and use strong passwords at all times.

The free version is available at https://www.logmeonce.com/Easing-Stress-Free-60-Day-Offer.

Effective immediately, LogMeOnce has expanded the capabilities of our Professional and free Premium editions in all countries where it is available. We will also be helping students meet their rapidly changing needs as they enable a much larger number of remote students by expanding their usage at no additional cost. The early wave of school closures and in-person class cancelations started with Harvard University, Columbia University, University of California, Berkeley, and the University of Washington.

“College campuses and schools may be closed for now, but academics — and learning — are very much in session,” says Kevin Shahbazi, CEO of LogMeOnce. “Our goal is to protect students and enable everyone to securely access their school portals to complete their homework and tasks, and have fewer worries to protect their passwords and avoid identity theft.”

LogMeOnce offers a collection of patented and patent-pending security applications designed to help consumers and businesses protect their identity, good name, brand, and credibility. This innovative bundle includes patented LogMeOnce Password manager, LogMeOnce Mugshot and patent-pending Password SHOCK©. LogMeOnce offers the distinct advantage of developing patented products focused on protection BEFORE a cyberattack happens, rather than providing an after-the-fact insurance remedy.

About patented LogMeOnce Mugshot: This powerful security barrier filters access requests so that authorized logins get through but unauthorized attempts will not. Unique compared to other password managers, LogMeOnce Mugshot not only prevents hackers from accessing your accounts, it collects hacker’s metadata and helps you catch them in the act. When an intruder tries to log in to your account and makes an unauthorized password attempt, LogMeOnce Mugshot takes the hacker’s photo and collects pertinent information, such as the person’s IP address, GPS location, and time stamp.

About patent-pending LogMeOnce Password SHOCK©: In the constant war against cyberattacks, this innovative security application adds a new security layer, by automatically alerting users about a possible hacking attempt while sending a warning to the attacker’s device to back off. If the wannabe intruder ignores the warning and makes another attempt, automated SHOCKs are dispatched to the hacker’s device. Hackers that get SHOCKed face the unpleasantness of a loud siren, obnoxious music, a vibrating device, or shaken display until they quit.

About LogMeOnce:

Founded in 2010, the award-winning LogMeOnce confidently helps consumers and businesses protect their passwords, identity, and data. LogMeOnce rose to popularity with its feature-rich password management platform, and then with its patented PhotoLogin technology that gave users the choice of logging in with a password-less selfie. As serial entrepreneurs, the LogMeOnce management team has founded and scaled up to global brand status multiple startups, with successful exits and acquisitions, such as the acquisition by security industry leaders McAfee and Intel Corp. in 2010.

LogMeOnce is headquartered in Washington, D.C., and serves the global market with an additional location in Barcelona, Spain. LogMeOnce markets and sells its solutions worldwide directly and through a variety of partners. For information about LogMeOnce, SDK, OEM licensing, and reseller partnership opportunities, please visit www.LogMeOnce.com, call (800) 935-4619, fax (866) 732-0324, email [email protected] or [email protected] All other company, product, service names, and trademarks used in this press release or LogMeOnce website are for identification purposes only, and are property of their respective owners. Use of these names, trademarks, and brands does not imply endorsement.


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