For the last 80 years, Parking BOXX has been offering functional parking control systems to its customers. Learn about their most popular products and why philanthropy is at the heart of the business.


Sarnia, Ontario, 10 May 2022—¬†Parking solutions have come a long way from cash-only systems enforced by parking attendants. Modern parking lot systems can be 100% personalized for the property type. For example, hotels can install gated systems operating on their guests’ key cards.

Shopping malls can opt for a combination of barrier gates and various POS systems. Point-of-sale (POS) systems are tech-friendly, touchscreen, and accept mixed payment types. The user has the freedom to pay with anything, from cash to cards to banking apps.

Parking BOXX works with diverse clients in every industry. Past client success stories include:

  • Airports
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Hospitals and healthcare centres
  • Municipal buildings
  • Private companies
  • Marinas and campgrounds
  • Retail locations and shopping malls
  • Universities and other educational facilities

Whatever your needs may be, Parking BOXX has parking solutions for you. But their commitment to client satisfaction doesn’t end with their selection of products. When a client purchases a system from Parking BOXX, they’re also receiving the highest level of customer service.

Parking BOXX offers professional installation and timely deliveries. Clients receive their parking systems within a few weeks! As a property owner, you can save money and avoid the hassle of waiting months for your order to ship.

Unlimited product training is a perk not offered by many parking lot system companies. But Parking BOXX provides exceptional training for the entire duration of your warranty. This means your staff can handle any situation or customer issue in record time.

Between the high-quality parking systems and the unbeatable customer service, it’s no surprise that Parking BOXX is an industry favourite. Their website humbly boasts success stories and clients singing their praises! And Parking BOXX pays it forward by giving back to their community.

Some say that a company is only as strong as its ethics. Parking BOXX values education and supporting local communities through yearly scholarships. This year’s winner of the Parking BOXX 2022 Parking Solutions $1,000 Scholarship is Laura P.!

Laura is a British Columbia resident studying at Mount Royal University. She’s pursuing her counselling degree for children and families, focusing on people with disabilities. Congratulations, Laura P.! We can’t wait to announce next year’s winner of the Parking BOXX Parking Solutions Scholarship.

Learn more about how Parking BOXX can solve your parking lot equipment needs. Check out their diverse selection of parking systems, products, and services here!

About Parking BOXX: Parking BOXX is your one-stop North American shop for all your parking lot needs. They accommodate everyone from small lots to large, complex parking systems. Over the last 80 years, they’ve worked with clients based in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. Parking BOXX parking systems reliably run sites with thousands of daily vehicles and millions in annual parking revenue.

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