Parker Law, LLC is proud to announce that they have finally released their new website for clientele across the globe.


Columbia, SC, August 4, 2021 – Parker Law, LLC is excited to launch its brand-new website offering estate administration lawyer services.

Parker Law, LLC, a Columbia-based estate planning lawyer, is proud to announce that they have finally released their new website for clientele across the globe.

According to Parker Law, LLC, “when a loved one passes away, it is challenging to take on the duty of supervising and navigating the probate process, referred to as estate administration. The primary purpose of estate administration is to effectively move the possessions of the decedent to the heirs or, if there is a Will, to the devisees.  At Parker Law, LLC, we help families through this challenging time.”

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Parker Law, LLC continues to reveal that “the process often includes many steps and hurdles, such as: admitting a Will to probate, appointing a personal representative, completing the mandated probate forms, investigating and reporting assets, preparing accountings, determining whether to allow or prohibit lender claims, properly allocating possessions, and communicating with your CPA regarding any tax issues or demands. Our goal is to simplify this process by walking you through each step during this difficult time in your life.”

With so many people curious about estate planning services, it can be hard to know where to turn. Luckily for you, that’s where Parker Law, LLC comes in. With a focus on quality legal advice and customer service, Parker Law, LLC has everything you need to succeed.

Parker Law, LLC also states that “an experienced estate administration lawyer assists with the distribution and maintenance of someone’s real estate property, personal property, and additional assets once they pass. If the deceased has a valid Will, the administration of the estate is executed accordingly. However, if there is no valid Will, the estate is distributed according to South Carolina law. These matters can become complicated quickly, so seeking legal services from an attorney that is experienced and concentrates in estate administrations will help you achieve the most beneficial outcome.”

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According to Parker Law, LLC, “our experienced attorney to oversee your case and represent your interests in Columbia Probate Court so that you can get back to your life as quickly as possible.”

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About Parker Law, LLC: Parker Law, LLC is an estate planning lawyer that is based in Columbia, South Carolina.

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