(Summerville, SC, March 31, 2020) – Crowd-sourced performance data lets people compare therapist performance.

Constasis, LLC today announced its release of its first professional review platform, enabling people to report their experience metrics and to find therapists and compare their performance.  The Constasis Behavioral Therapy Review Platform is available here:

This review platform provides people using Behavioral Therapy Services an opportunity to report their experience around actual wait times, billing issues, and some key factors to consider before selecting a behavioral therapist. This platform is intended to help them identify therapy practices in their community and compare their performance, while enabling practices to compare their performance against their peers. If you’re looking to get good behavioral therapy for autism or any other issues you or a loved one are experiencing, the Constasis Behavioral Therapy Review Platform is your ticket to finding the help you need.

Constasis Membership is free and members are eligible to receive member awards for entering reviews. The first and the hundredth reviewer in each state will win a gift of their choice from the Constasis Member Rewards page. Therapists who participate in an audit for the Constasis Balance Program are further recognized as providing fair, transparent and reliable services, while implementing standards where there are gaps in the regulatory environment.

“Parents can help other parents by sharing their experience, and they can help their therapists be recognized for the services they provide,” says Vicky Ducworth, Founder of Constasis. “While you may think ‘there’s no good behavioral therapist near me‘, they are out there and are still competing for your business. It’s okay to insist on quality services.”

Constasis, LLC was founded in 2017 with the goals of improving the way high-cost professional services are provided and helping people find quality professional services. Constasis evaluates human and technology systems and reengineers them for better results. Constasis focuses on industries where limited and/or varying regulation can result in unfair disadvantages to the consumer and many times, at a high cost. Consumer Balance.


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