Pamela Savino is an Illinois based Life Coach and Author in fearless pursuit of helping others transform their lives. Her latest book Soar is available online through Live Authentically Today or Page by page, Pam helps readers Live Authentically through rewiring their mindset and manifesting their reality. She takes readers through the process of self-discovery as they navigate creating a new life. “Every person is important and valuable, and everyone deserves to live their best and most fulfilled life. Live Authentically is dedicated to helping others find their own happiness, on their terms.” (Pam Savino) For more inspiration on how to soar in everyday life, join the Live Authentically community on Facebook.


March 23, 2020, Palatine, IL – Life Coach and Author, Pamela Savino unleashes her latest book Soar: A Spiritual Journey through Divorce, Transformation, and Self-Actualization, available on Amazon Kindle. For a limited time, it is available free on Live Authentically today and comes with four transformative bonuses.  “I realized so many people were struggling with the same issues I was, it became clear what I had to do. My mission is helping to empower others to create a reality that embodies who they are and what they want for their lives.” (Pamela Savino, Author) In the latest edition of Soar, Pam coaches readers through life-changing and life-altering transitions. She becomes a personal one-on-one mentor, helping readers integrate healthy lifestyle practices into their daily life. Pam teaches you to unlock universal energy and manifest the reality of your dreams. Soar will empower you to transform your life.

Soar core empowers readers to release their hidden potential as they navigate their personal journey. Chapter by chapter, readers will discover how to reframe their mindset, face new life experiences and embrace higher spirituality. Pamela takes readers on a journey through the step by step process of inner healing, personal growth and development and how to attract the things you want most. As a Life Coach, Pam is no stranger to manifesting her truth, having overcome her own battles. She understands how to motivate readers through the confusion of changing your life. “I wholeheartedly encourage you to join Pam in jumping into the pool of limitless possibilities. She will buoy you, inspire you and celebrate with you as the Universe’s waves carry you to your authentic self and purpose.” (Susan De Luca, LCSW)Key Bonuses of SoarBonus #1: The Key to Open-Mindedness Training
Bonus #2: The Stages of Personal Development
Bonus #3: Self Love Training
Bonus #4: The Power of Plant-Based Eating

For more inspiration on how to soar in everyday life, join the Live Authentically community on Facebook

About: (Author’s Message) “I founded Live Authentically to help others learn to find their voice, speak their truth and live authentically. As they go through the transformative events of life, I help them find their truths and the inner strength to live them fully. I help them see learning and knowledge in their challenges.”

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