OutFactors.com, a family-owned, Texas-based real estate firm with a commitment to fair, transparent practices, and flexibility when it comes to the needs and timing of the seller, offers cash for houses in Dallas, Texas.

Dallas, TX – Anyone who has ever wanted to sell a house quickly understands the huge challenges involved. First, you have to spend thousands of dollars to get the house ready for market. Then you face weeks or even months of strangers walking through your house, followed by unreasonably low-ball offers and stressful negotiations. And to top it all off, due to fees, closing costs and unforeseen expenses, you may actually receive less cash at closing than you anticipated.

OutFactors.com can help you avoid all that. OutFactors will get you a cash offer without waiting for any sort of bank approval process. And OutFactors will accept the property as is, which means you won’t be faced with expensive repairs, cleaning, or showings to unknown strangers.

OutFactors offers Cash For Houses, without any hidden fees or costs, and will do it on your schedule.
And this is not some fly by night operation. OutFactors.com is owned and operated by Marlau Investments Inc., which is a family-owned real estate firm based in North Texas that has been helping people resolve their real estate problems since 2001.

With OutFactors, the process is simple. They only need basic information in order to make a cash offer. You can either fill out the simple four question offer request form on their website or, if you prefer, you can call and talk with them over the phone.

They will then use the information you provide to analyze your property and come up with a value-based upon location, market conditions, and a number of other factors. They will usually be able to give you an offer within minutes.

They will then visit you at the property to conduct an initial inspection, while at the same time confirming that they have taken into consideration everything important to you, including when you want to move out and the date you want to close.

Then, sign the standard plain language sale agreement and start packing for your move. It’s that simple.

At closing, you will be paid the amount agreed upon in the contract, without any surprises. And there are never last-minute gotcha fees or frivolous price re-negotiations. OutFactors honors their agreements. Their programs are customized to solve your real estate problems fast. And they are super easy to talk to.

Mark MacFarlane, the founder of Marlau Investments, has over thirty years of real estate investment, management, financing, and construction experience, which gives them the experience and solutions you can count on.

The employees of OutFactors are managed by a licensed real estate agent, which means they adhere to the highest ethical standards. And they are accredited members of the BBB, with policies and procedures to ensure that you, the customer, are dealt with fairly, honestly and with the utmost respect.

Let OutFactors.com take on the problem, and quickly get the cash you deserve. What do you have to lose but your stress and worries?

About the Company: OutFactors.com is owned by Marlau Investments Inc., which is a family-owned real estate firm based in North Texas that has been helping people resolve their real estate problems since 2001. At OutFactors, we buy houses.

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Address: 539 West Commerce Street Suite 1205 Dallas, Texas 75208
Phone: (800) 420-7030
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