Nothing beats a well-designed square business card. It screams: “I’m modern business!” at the top of its lungs while subtly shooting branding laser beams into everyone’s eyes.

Ok, maybe it doesn’t have laser beam technology… yet.

But, square business cards are the hottest-thing-since-sliced-bread. So, we thought that anything that’s this saturated in design and branding elements must have some unique card holders and cases to accompany it.

Oh, boy were we right!

After an exhaustive search that took us to the highest peaks of the most dangerous mountains (in our chairs eating Cheetos on Google) we have decided that, without a doubt, these are our 8 favorite square business card cases and holder.

Let’s dive in and see why it’s hip to be square!

Knock on “Wood”

There’s something about wooden card cases that are equal parts beautiful and professional. So, when we came across KonisaStudio’s 100% Wood Square Business Card Holder on Etsy, we immediately fell in love.

This business card holder uses an elastic band to sandwich your cards in place and features a notch for grip.

It can hold 20 cards at a time, which may not be enough since you’re probably going to be whipping this card holder out every chance that you get.

What’s the “Leather” Outside?

While we were on Etsy looking at wooden card holders, we came across this Vegan Leather Wallet Square from user AlloftheAbovely. While we’re not entirely sure what vegan leather is, we are 100% sure that this rose pink square card holder is as functional as it is cute.

The great thing about this one is that, unless you pulled cards out of it, people would have no idea that it was a square business card holder. You could use it as a lipstick or headphone carrier on the side.

Back in Black

If you’re willing to spend some serious money on your business card holder, this Men’s Black Papier Square Coin Wallet from Balenciaga may be just for you. This actually doubles as a wallet, so this would be a great way to minimize your pocket space.

It’s bold. It’s black. It has a pouch for square business cards. This product gets an A+ from us.

That’s “Moo”re Like It

We’ll admit it. We’re biased against Moo. Maybe it’s because they’re our competitor, or maybe it’s because we think that they charge too much in the long run. But, we can admit it when they score a home run, and this Square Slimcase is out of the ballpark.

It’s budget friendly at only $11.99, and it’s minimalist and straightforward enough to fit just about anyone’s needs. It’s also made of washable Kraft paper, which means it holds fewer cards, but you can accidentally (or purposefully?) wash it without ruining it.

Fine! We like it Moo! You win.

We “Felt” We Needed to Include This One

This is another Etsy surprise. Seriously, this website is a design goldmine. User blackbosk has this superb felt and wood square business card case that’s durable and attractive.

This case has it all — wood frame, felt exterior, durable buttons, and a nice mild grey color.

There are 4 different snap colors, but all of them come in a light gray felt on the outside. One important thing to note about this one is that it will hold 30 cards, which is more than any other on this list.

We’re Losing Our “Marbles”

So far, we’ve only talked about cases. Now, it’s time to take a look at some square card holder. After all, what’s better than displaying those attractive square business cards around your office? Here’s a hint — nothing.

Over on Etsy, CraftsmanStoneworks has created a bold card holder out of polished recycled White Carrara Marble. Every holder comes with little feet to prevent it from scratching your desk. Each one of these can hold around 20 cards, which is suitable for just about anyone.

Don’t Take This for “Granite”

Since we loved CraftsmanStoneworks marble card holder so much, we decided to put him on this list twice. Not only is he taking recycled granite from destroyed building and creating fantastic square cardholders, but he’s also doing the same thing with granite.

These jet black granite square card holders are sleek, functional, and use repurposed granite in a unique and inspiring way.

Way to go CraftsmanStoneworks!

Do You See the “Pattern”?

We’re going to end this list on a high point. While we were scouring the internet for square card holders and cases, we came across one account on Etsy that blew us away. User DearSukie creates vinyl square card cases with some unique patterns. And, by some, we mean a bazillion.

Whether you want a square card case with moose (mooses? meeses? meese? moosies?,) birds, or pineapples, DearSukie has it.

We love the number of options that this user provides. Each one of these will hold a few cards and run you around $7, which means that you can pick up one for every day of the week. We feel like Thursday is an alpaca day, so you’ll definitely need the one that has alpacas in sweaters and beanies for your collection.

Anytime we see people being unique, creative and putting out bold and affordable products; we’re onboard.


There we have it! Here are out 8 favorite square card holders and cases. There are a ton of options out there, and we heavily recommend Etsy. Not only is Etsy filled with creative-types who want to share their art with the world, but you can also generally find something you’ll like no matter who you are.

So, grab a square card holder and a square card case for those square business cards! Oh, you don’t have square business cards? Why not head on over to the PrintPeppermint square business card shop. We can design you a business card that will blow you and your clients clean out of the water. Remember, memorable business cards lead to memorable impressions. Be memorable! Choose PrintPeppermint.