Oscar Bolivar is pleased to help entrepreneurs make their business goals a reality. Oscar Bolivar helps guide entrepreneurs toward business success by providing them with various strategies and information designed to take them to the next step with their business. 


United States, June 25, 2020 – Oscar Bolivar is pleased to help entrepreneurs make their business goals a reality.

Oscar Bolivar helps guide entrepreneurs toward business success by providing them with various strategies and information designed to take them to the next step with their business. This process starts with helping entrepreneurs with their personal finances in order for them to successfully start their own business. 

The Oscar Bolivar team also helps entrepreneurs create business plans to present to investors and further grow their business. 

A business plan is a critical step when: 

Seeking Investment for A Business:  When a business is looking for investors, these investors want to see a business plan before they decide whether or to not invest. In fact, some will not even want to talk about it until they have one. When the business plan looks good, a business increases its chances of getting a meeting scheduled with an investor. 

Creating a New Business:  Organizations can use a business plan to determine the proper steps to start and grow their business. This plan will include strategies on how to target the proper audience, creating an operational plan, performing a business innovation analysis, and more. 

Growing an Existing Business:  A business plan helps an existing organization establish strategies and assign resources consistently with strategic priorities. This business plan will help keep companies on track and escalate business success. The business plan is an essential guide to growing a business and helps companies navigate through the process successfully. 

Oscar Bolivar is committed to helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses. The Oscar Bolivar team of experts provides access to knowledge and insights across various key areas.

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About Oscar Bolivar: Oscar Bolivar brings a strong background in business management. Growing up in a business environment, both his parents, who were business people in separate industries inspired him to become more goal-oriented. Oscar developed a profound business intuition and at an early age, became informed on refined business and financial strategies. Today, he is a successful Entrepreneur / Venture Capital business owner and holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business. Also, he holds a Master’s in Business Association (MBA) degree And even a degree as a Project Management Specialist. Over the years, he has evolved rapidly, equipping himself with rich knowledge and industry trends. From managing his father’s construction company, he gained a superior business approach which he has continuously applied. For him, the business world is a place where innovations become valuable results. Oscar is a millennial entrepreneur, influencer, social media brand consultant, and investor. Presently, he is the Chairman and CEO of Bolivar Capital Management, an early-stage investment (Venture Capital) firm.

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