High-quality superfood and herbal brand, Earthbal, is restoring lives with their sea moss products. Ezra and Crina St. Juste started this business to help thousands. Their extremely beneficial sea moss product is harvested from the depths of the Caribbean. Learn more at earthbal.com.


Pinebush, NY, November 18, 2020- Earthbal is working to nourish and restore the lives in communities across the globe with their sea moss products. Of course, the company provides simple instructions to make sea moss gel from their dried wildcrafted sea moss, but it can also be consumed in smoothies, as a tea, or in food.

“Ezra and Crina St Juste have outsourced the best quality sea moss, that is wildcrafted and organic, allowing consumers to get the most benefits from using these products,” says a spokesperson for Earthbal. “Ezra grew up in St. Lucia, where he was first introduced to sea moss and its many benefits. This is where their sea moss is harvested from.”

Soon after Ezra and Crina were married, Crina was amazed at this superfood and she began taking it regularly to garner all of the benefits. Then, they started this business to help thousands of people because they simply couldn’t keep the good news to themselves. Now they own a superfood line, Earthbal.

The sea moss benefits the body completely. It is a nutrient-dense food that aids in energy and sleep. It promotes a healthy brain leading to overall health and wellbeing.

“Sea moss is loaded with potassium,” says a spokesperson for Earthbal. “A study in 2008 performed by the British Journal Of Nutrition showed that people on a high potassium diet had fewer symptoms of tension and depression compared to those who didn’t consume as much potassium.”

Sea moss helps to nourish hair and exfoliate the skin. It has also been proven to increase libido and helps with impotency. It is effective as a remover of mucus and phlegm that builds up in the body causing us to feel sick. The sea moss acts as an expectorant and demulcent. It is used as an inflammatory medicine and a lung tonic in cultures across the globe.

“Real wildcrafted sea moss from Marine Protected Areas. We harvest only non-GMO, gluten-Free, raw sea moss (Chondrus Crispus), which is also commonly known as Irish Moss. Sea Moss provides fiber & trace minerals such as potassium, calcium, iodine, and natural vitamins A, B, D, E & K. This sea moss is harvested in the Caribbean and contains 92 of the 102 essential minerals found in our body. This product has been popularized by a well known natural doctor, Dr. Sebi, because of its powerful alkalinizing and healing effects,” says a spokesperson for Earthbal. “The product that you receive from us is 100% chemical-free.”

It’s a no-brainer. Earthbal is where to buy sea moss for the highest-quality, handpicked sea moss that is used to bring you all of the natural benefits. 

Learn more at earthbal.com

About Earthbal, LLC: Founded by Ezra and Crina St Juste, Earthbal, LLC is an organic superfood and an herbal brand. It was created with one mission in mind: nourish and restore the lives of those in every community around the globe. 

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Name: Ezra St Juste
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Website: https://earthbal.com/
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