The premier sales automation mobile app is a business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce platform that brings together wholesale distributors, manufacturers, and consumer packaged goods(CPG) dealers. It is an easy-to-use and intuitive tool that has helped thousands of consumers place direct orders to wholesalers. Over 300 businesses scale their sales by engaging customers directly and building solid relationships. Learn more at

Summit, NJ, February 14, 2022– Traditional ordering methods are challenging, especially to the field sales representatives who have to write down their orders, take a picture and send it to the sales department. Business owners sell more while consumers place their orders and get easy deliveries. After identifying the challenges businesses and consumers go through in the demand and supply chain, OrderTaker Solutions Inc. came up with an easy and intuitive tool to help each party get quick and effortless results.

OrderTaker, a premier sales automation mobile app, allows wholesale distributors, manufacturers, and consumers to interact and build strong relationships. As the world embraces online shopping and eCommerce, the app provides the best solution to the challenges that arise from in-person shopping to online shopping.

“Our vision is to help wholesalers, manufacturers, and CPG companies worldwide transform, adapt and reach new heights through digital tools. OrderTaker achieves this through an omnichannel solution that equips field sales representatives with an advanced sales automation mobile ordering app. This app helps businesses grow revenue through advanced cross-selling and upselling capabilities. Sales managers can track real-time data, which builds confidence and helps them make informed decisions,” explained Amit Gathani, Chief Executive Officer at OrderTaker Solutions Inc.

OrderTaker is a feature-rich application, making it a great Handshake Sales Automation alternative. It is easy to access, with a simple dashboard that is straightforward even to a beginner. Offline access means users can access crucial features even when not connected to the internet. The app is compatible with most accounting and customer relationship management (CRM) software. Furthermore, users access round clock support to ensure smooth running and excellent service.

The app offers several services such as mobile order tracking, tracking the route for direct store delivery, proof of delivery, mobile CRM, trade promotions, and B2B Ecommerce. Users can access services and goods from several industries, including health and beauty, apparel and accessories, food and beverage, commercial equipment, electronics, toys, and eyewear.

“B2B EeCommerce solution allows retail customers to place orders directly to the wholesale distributor through a single, flexible platform that combines price levels, trade promotions, route planning, proof of delivery, and much more. Simply put, OrderTaker helps you sell more, faster, and more efficiently,” added Gathani. visit for more information about OrderTaker.

About OrderTaker Solutions Inc.: OrderTaker Solutions Inc is a cloud-based software (SaaS) service specializing in a mobile ordering app and B2B eCommerce website for wholesale distributors, CPG companies, and enterprise brands. The company’s mission is to help salespeople and businesses grow their revenue while enabling buyers and retail customers to access optimal services. It also aims to democratize the Wholesale Distribution Industry by empowering small businesses with valuable tools to compete with larger established enterprises.

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