North Miami Beach, FL, November 13, 2023— OrderOut, a pioneer in cloud-based integration solutions, has unveiled a game-changing FREE plan that introduces seamless integration for Uber Eats and Clover POS without needing payment information. This innovative plan shows the company’s commitment to improving the delivery industry and making things easier for restaurants.

OrderOut empowers restaurants to effortlessly consolidate multiple third-party food delivery services through their existing point-of-sale systems, effectively eradicating the errors, missed orders, and delays associated with manual data entry. With the introduction of the FREE plan, OrderOut is at the forefront as the first provider of a commitment-free solution, combining Uber Eats and Clover POS integration, disrupting local business delivery by setting a new industry standard.

Although Clover POS offers a simplified version and is suitable for specific types of restaurants, OrderOut provides a more extensive set of features. These features include instant onboarding, support for multiple printers, flexible menu pricing, and the ability to display images for delivery services. OrderOut also supports new Clover KDS as well as any additional printers you may need. OrderOut excels by offering a comprehensive solution without any commitment, making it the top choice for restaurant owners seeking a free solution.

Thibault Le Conte, the CEO of OrderOut, has expressed his excitement for the FREE plan, stating, “We are immensely thrilled about this new plan. The rapid growth we’ve experienced has allowed us to create this FREE offering, which will undoubtedly greatly benefit any restaurant partners.”

In conclusion, OrderOut’s pioneering FREE plan, offering seamless Uber Eats Free Integration and Clover Free Integration without the need to input payment information, marks a groundbreaking advancement in the local business delivery industry. If you are eager to streamline your restaurant’s operations and take advantage of the comprehensive Delivery Service Free Integration offered, please contact the OrderOut sales team at [email protected] or visit the official website at to start your onboarding journey today, free of charge.

About OrderOut:

OrderOut seamlessly integrates multiple third-party food delivery services into one place by utilizing their existing point-of-sale system to eliminate errors, missed orders, and delays often associated with manual entry.

Press Contact:

Thibault Le Conte, CEO,

[email protected]