OfficeCrave is your one-stop-shop for reliable office supplies at affordable prices. They offer a large inventory of office furniture, paper products, organizational items, and supplies like ink or toner. OfficeCrave is now offering great online deals on bestselling PPE & Medical Supplies, including face masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and cleaning products. They understand how valuable these items are for offices looking to get back to work. Nearly all items are available to ship within 24 hours and they provide a full refund if an order is incorrect or late. Their mission is to provide a “top-notch” experience for businesses. Learn more at


AVENTURA, FL — May 18, 2020 — OfficeCrave has everything you need to keep your office stocked up for the rest of the year, including a large selection of personal protective equipment (PPE) and disinfectants. 

PPE & Medical Supplies are currently OfficeCrave bestsellers. Examples include a box of 50 KN95 Face Masks, one gallon of Clean Freak Hand Sanitizer, Clorox multisurface cleaner, and a canister of Simple Green Safety Towels.  

“Businesses across the country are preparing to go back to work and they want to be safe,” said Justin Gold, spokesperson for “We are offering great deals on bulk products to help sanitize your office and keep your staff productive.”

Cleaning supplies are only a fraction of what they offer in their inventory. Businesses also look to them for purchasing organizational items like folders or calendars, office furniture like desks or chairs, and even coffee and snacks for their staff. 

OfficeCrave has been selling office supplies online since 2006 and many of its customers have been with them for over a decade. They now have 48 distribution centers in more than 25 states. Shipments go out within 24 hours of an order, and if an order is incorrect or late they will provide a full refund. No questions asked.

Google recently named OfficeCrave a “Trusted Store” because of their superior customer service.

“Our featured brands include 3M, Purell, Lysol, Clorox, Gojo, and more,” said Gold. “We believe in providing the best products possible and a ‘top-notch’ experience for businesses.”

Start shopping now for office supplies at and find out why they’re a preferred vendor of online office supplies. Follow OfficeCrave on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube for company updates and special promotions. 


OfficeCrave was founded in 2006 as a one-stop-shop for business solutions. They believe that shopping for your business should be a “top-notch” experience providing affordable, reliable products. They want to ensure you have a satisfying shopping experience, so they’ve created a website that is user friendly and extremely easy to navigate. All inventory is available for immediate shipping including Drop-Shipping to your customers’ locations if you choose. Learn more at

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