Optical Near ME offers consumers interested in quality eyewear local, independent boutique experiences featuring superior customer service. 


Centereach, NY, April 8, 2020 – With all of the new and ongoing concerns over public health and safety, including the social distancing requirements which have been put in place over the past several weeks by many state governments, it can be difficult, if not impossible to find the appropriate vision correction products many people rely on to go about their daily activities.

For consumers shopping for quality eyewear, there is now a new option: Optical Near ME

Optical Near ME has one goal and one goal only.  Optical Near ME is entirely committed to helping consumers who are in need of quality eyewear, whether sunglasses or for vision correction, search for and find independent, quality eye care professionals.

Anyone who has never before shopped at an independent optical boutique might not know what they are missing. If you are accustomed to shopping for eyewear at a large box store, you will be familiar with the impersonal service. That is because big box stores and very large online retailers are much too large to provide you with the sort of personal, one to one service that can be provided by a smaller, independent boutique optical supplier.

Some of the stores listed with Optical Near ME were established as early as the 1920s, and they still feature that sort of traditional customer service that was commonplace back then. At the same time, they have evolved technologically, and are fully equipped with state of the art equipment and supplies which offer the same level of precision and comfort that you’ve come to expect when shopping for quality eyewear.

When you shop with Optical Near ME, you are shopping with local, hometown, neighborhood businesses, all of whom offer a level of service and experience that are difficult to come by anymore.

So give Optical Near ME a try. Learn more by visiting them today at opticalnearme.com and find out how much better the eyewear shopping experience can be.

About the Company: Optical Near ME is the only place in the world where you can browse from exclusive frames that are only sold by independent eye care professionals and pick them upright in your neighborhood. The platform features, Try- Buy- Fly technology. This means you can safely try on frames from the comfort of your home, buy them online and even fly in and pick them up in under five minutes. We are committed to helping you find quality, independent eye care professionals. If you have never shopped an optical boutique then you do not know what you are missing! Big box stores and large online retailers are far too big to give you the personal one to one service you deserve. Some of our stores date back to the early 1920s and even though they have evolved technologically, they still feature traditional customer service. Hometown, neighborhood business experiences are hard to come by but with Optical Near ME you can find it and visit us today!

Press Contact:

Name: Charlene Friend
Address: Centereach NY 11720
Phone: +1 917-789-5948
Website: https://opticalnearme.com