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It’s Been a Crazy Week

I know that this last week has been a crazy week, but when life gives us lemons we have to learn how to make lemonade.

I read a Forbes article earlier this morning on some information that shows positive projections for the online industry. The article title is: “Coronavirus Fears May Drive U.S. E-Commerce Sales Beyond 2020 Projections—And Change How People Shop In The Future.” In this article, it states that consumer behavior due to the Coronavirus “will provide opportunities for the e-commerce sector to thrive over the next few months.”

Coronavirus will Make Ecommerce a Standard in 2020

Technology is constantly adapting and ecommerce for 2020 is going to shatter initial projected ranges. This leaves room for good opportunities in the ecommerce sector. We are now officially in “Ecommerce 2.0” which is a new era of digital commerce. Consumers that did not typically look to purchase goods or services online (like children or people over the age of 65+ might have no other choice in the upcoming months for certain products or services).

E-learning, digital conferencing, telecommuting, and work from home employment options are already being offered by employers. This means that more and more consumers will be online than ever before as consumers might have to start ordering their medications online, ordering food on delivery apps, and instead of going to a store, they’re going to go to your website. Now that many states and cities have asked people to quarantine and stay indoors, it means a large shift in product purchasing will change to online.

We don’t necessarily know what 2020 will look like at the end of the year.  One thing is certain; physical retail will start to funnel more and more into the ecommerce sector, e-delivery services, streaming, and (non-conventional) digitized services will start sprouting out of the woodworks. New tech startups will also start popping up almost like a new .com era to meet the consumer-shift in demand, and businesses will have to adapt to get ahead.

What Does this Mean for Your Business?

Let’s make a battle plan to shift those efforts, pivot, and adjust to the new way to do business online. Please feel free to contact me and let’s review your digital strategy for 2020 and I am also happy to answer any questions. This is definitely a challenging time for everyone; however, it could mean a great opportunity for the growth of your business.