Buick and Chevrolet dealer from Avon, Connecticut combats the nationwide car inventory shortage by adding lots of Certified Pre-Owned Buick crossovers to its offer.


Avon, CT, March 22, 2022: O’Neill’s, a Chevrolet and Buick dealer in Connecticut, has started to add to its Buick Certified Pre-Owned inventory of crossovers to help buyers that need a car fast get around the current waitlists for brand-new vehicles.

Certified Pre-Owned cars come with the manufacturer’s stamp of approval and offer a wide range of price tags and features. More importantly, they are readily available and can be driven home that same day as opposed to having to wait for months to take delivery of a brand-new car.

“If you looked for a car in the past 18 months, you’ve seen how difficult getting new cars can be. More often than not buyers have to wait for months before the car they ordered reaches the dealership. And that’s simply not an option for many prospective buyers. That’s why we’re now bulking up on Certified Pre-Owned Buick crossovers – so that buyers get as many options as possible.” Sean Sullivan, O’Neill’s Chevrolet Buick Chairman.

The current inventory of Certified Pre-Owned Buick crossovers consists of:

Relatively new Enclave and Encore models.

Please note that the list could suffer alterations at any given time as cars are sold and others introduced. To see the current list of Certified Pre-Owned Buick SUVs.

“We have been selling Buicks for over 30 years now. In all that time, we got to know our customer base very well. Some buyers can tolerate the 2-3-4 months of waiting to take delivery of a made-to-order Buick crossover. Some can’t. Certified Pre-Owned vehicles have a lot of the qualities you’d expect from a brand-new car and they are readily available in our lot. On top of that, they’re usually a fair bit cheaper than a similar brand-new Buick.” Sean Sullivan, ONeills Chevrolet Buick Chairman.

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About O’Neill’s Chevrolet Buick: Hartford County Connecticut’s premier Chevrolet and Buick dealership located in Avon is O’Neills Chevrolet Buick!

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