Boost business engagement by 1000% with One More Star Media’s innovative social media marketing solutions.


Missouri, USA, December 19, 2023— One More Star Media, a leading social media marketing agency (SMMA), proudly announces a significant milestone in its journey, having successfully expanded its affordable social media creation and posting services to cater to 100 different small and medium niche business categories throughout the USA. With a commitment to helping time-crushed entrepreneurs, the agency focuses on elevating brand engagement and awareness through professionally designed content.

“If a business isn’t committed to constant and consistent public engagement through social media, it is losing customers and revenue,” says Lane Forman, Founder of One More Star Media.

Small business owners often struggle to maintain an active online presence. One More Star Media aims to bridge this gap by offering a service that goes beyond just posting content. The agency’s unique approach involves utilizing professionally designed images which could achieve a remarkable 1000% increase in engagement on Facebook or other social media Business Pages.

A recent case study featuring a Real Estate Agent highlights the effectiveness of this strategy. The agent shared, “Within just a short amount of time, the phone began to ring. It was a new client that had seen one of my posts from someone else who shared it. Over the next week or so, I continued to receive more inquiries.”

One More Star Media’s services not only enhance engagement but also contribute to increasing conversion rates, conveying messages instantaneously, raising perceived value, boosting demand to work with clients, and adding revenue through increased engagement.

One More Star Media offers high-quality professionally designed images with a brand’s logo, social posts that increase engagement on a company’s social media Business Pages, and creation of brand awareness through visually appealing content.

To get started, all a business has to do is place an order. Choose their niche or industry for the social posting service and complete the payment. Then, fill out the brief-provide information about the business, its audience, and goals. Businesses are also required to send their logo to One More Star Media to watermark their logo for brand recognition. Lastly, the business should add One More Star Media as an ‘Editor’ to their Facebook or other social media Business Pages to grant it the necessary access for posting engaging content. 

Beyond its achievements in social media marketing, One More Star Media distinguishes itself through a client-centric ethos. The agency’s dedication to transparency, creativity, and tailored solutions has fueled its success in serving diverse businesses. With a proven track record of enhancing brand engagement, the agency continues to evolve strategies that resonate with clients and their unique audiences. One More Star Media is not just a service provider; it’s a trusted partner on the journey to digital success. 

For more information about One More Star Media and its services, visit For insights and tips on social media marketing, check out its blog. Engage with your audience and watch business soar with One More Star Media!

About One More Star Media: 

One More Star Media is a leading social media marketing agency committed to transforming the online presence of time-crushed small businesses. With an innovative approach, the agency successfully serves 100 categories of small/medium niche businesses across the USA, boosting engagement by up to 1000%. Elevate your brand with professionally designed content at One More Star Media.

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