On Point Legal Leads, a company based in Dallas, Texas, is helping attorneys increase their intake by generating high-quality auto accident leads.


Dallas, TX, September 16, 2021 – Automobile accidents are, unfortunately, a part of everyday life. Pursuing claims on behalf of not-at-fault claimants has been on the rise since states have opened up after the pandemic.

With On Point Legal Leads, attorneys can maintain a steady flow of clients in need. On Point Legal Leads can deliver client leads by email, or through live transfer. 

On Point Legal Leads bases their criteria of eligible leads off of a set of standards. Clients who are not at fault and who were injured in an automobile accident are eligible. The accident will have occurred in the statutory limitations period, and the client will not have worked with another attorney. 

Those affected by truck and motorcycle accidents are eligible as well. 

The process is simple. Those affected by an accident fill out a short information sheet. This contains basic contact information and details about the incident. Once this is filed, their information is sent to the right attorney within a fraction of a second, and then the attorney and client can work together to come to a beneficial solution. 

“[You’re] on fire! Whatever you are doing is working,” said one law firm.

On Point Legal Leads can generate up to ten times more leads than before the pandemic. The team also works with generating personal injury leads.

In the legal industry, it can get very competitive, which is why On Point Legal Leads provides automated marketing services. As soon as potential clients fill out the initial information sheet, they receive a customized email from your firm reaching out.

Clients also will receive a text message from your firm, and a drip campaign of four additional emails will be sent out to the potential client.

“If you intend on competing with other law firms, then you will want to take advantage of our proprietary automated marketing portal,” said the CEO of On Point Legal Leads.

To learn more about the lead generation process, you can visit On Point Legal Leads’ website at https://onpointlegalleads.com/.

The website contains information on the auto accident leads process as well as the personal injury leads process. The team also has a blog so you can educate yourself further on leads in the legal industry. 

Being an attorney is one of the most competitive jobs out there, so get a leg up on the competition and utilize On Point Legal Leads today!

About On Point Legal Leads: On Point Legal Leads is a lead generation company based in Dallas, Texas. They generate qualified and exclusive auto accident and personal injury leads.

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