Omni-Meta Marketing offers marketing solutions for small businesses, non-profits, second chance businesses, and organizations promoting social welfare and betterment. They believe they can help anyone turn their life around and make a change through entrepreneurship.


Salt Lake City, UT, October 24, 2022— Omni-Meta Marketing is a premium marketing service that offers high-quality and diverse marketing services to small businesses, non-profits, and second-chance companies. They offer a unique service to unique businesses and are truly one-of-a-kind in the marketing sphere.

One of the services that Omni-Meta Marketing offers is omnichannel marketing. This service builds your online presence through several channels. They’ll work to build your online presence through social media marketing, online ads, and through lead generation. Their expert marketers work around the clock to ensure you stand out among your competition.

But Omni-Meta Marketing doesn’t want to help just any business — which is why they’re in a unique position among competing marketing firms, which seem to pop up every quarter. Due to the Omni-Meta Marketing owner, Tyler Howell, the agency is committed to helping a Second Chance Business.

Tyler himself is a former foster youth and a justice-affected American. He’s a recovered addict and he managed to turn his life around by pursuing education and later, entrepreneurship. Tyler is a Justice Reform Advocate and knows the importance of allowing troubled persons to be given a second chance. Only with a second chance can they contribute to the betterment of society.

As he puts it, “I had a rough upbringing myself and I turned my life around through education and by pursuing my entrepreneurial dreams. With Omni-Meta Marketing I wish to help more second chance businesses, small ventures, and non-profits reach a wider audience with the help of our marketing experts.”

If you run any of these types of businesses, you know how hard it can be to stand out from the competition. You also know that most marketing firms aren’t always interested in helping a small business or a non-profit stand out from the crowd.

But Omni-Meta Marketing is different. The agency knows that second-chance businesses and other similar ventures are important and beneficial for society. They know that these businesses matter and that there has to be an agency to market them.

Whether you run a startup, a charity, or a business that advocates for equality, justice reform, or helping troubled individuals, there’s a place for you among Omni-Meta Marketing’s client base. You can reach out to them online or give them a call. You’ll get a consulting session so you can learn how they’ll help push your brand to a wider audience.   

About Omni-Meta Marketing: Omni-Meta Marketing is a unique marketing firm that offers services to small businesses, non-profits, and what we call “second chance” businesses. If you run such a small enterprise and need to get the word out there, they’re here to help you. You can reach out to them via our website.

Contact Info:

Contact Name: Tyler Howell
Business Name: Omni-Meta Marketing
Address: Salt Lake City, Utah
Phone: 614-230-9522