Old West Iron, a family-owned custom creation hardware business, is branching out! In addition to their already wide range of iron products, Old West Iron has introduced three brand new clavo offerings. To learn more about what Old West Iron has to offer, click here.


Felt, ID, August 26, 2021– Old West Iron is a custom rustic iron hardware store in Felt, Idaho. This small business specializes in historical iron reproductions and has recently expanded its already wide range of iron offerings with three new products. 

Old West Iron now offers a large range of bronze clavoscopper clavos, and brass clavos. Clavos are decorative nail heads that are available in many shapes and sizes for any application. The three products are also available in a variety of shapes and sizes including a round pyramid and a square shape, which is available in sizes ranging from under an inch to over. Additionally, the colors can be a lighter or darker variation of the copper, brass, or iron material and can be finished off with a variety of textures, according to what the customer needs. Old West Iron also provides customers with a comprehensive installation guide to ensure that products are used to the best of their abilities. For the clavos, Old West Iron recommends how deep to drill a hole in the wall or which kind of hammer to use and advising customers on ways to prevent scratching and chipping on the product’s finished. Customers can also purchase the tools that will best ensure that the quality of their products remains throughout the installation process.

In addition to offering high-quality products at competitive prices, Old West Iron also has a discount program running for bulk orders. When customers order a certain amount of nails, like the new clavos for example, they are eligible for discounts ranging between 10% and 20%. Old West Iron offers free shipping on all domestic orders over $40, a bonus on top of the discount.

Old West Iron boasts excellent customer service and attention to detail because they are small-scale and can pay close attention to the customer’s unique needs for their iron products. The company is nicknamed ‘the portal to the lost art of traditional blacksmithing’ and so customers can rest assured that they are putting their projects and ideas in experienced hands.

If you are thinking about giving your home a more rustic and finished look, Old West Iron is the company for you. Visit their website for more information and to browse the various products they have on offer.

About Old West Iron: Old West Iron is a custom and rustic iron hardware store specializing in historical reproductions. This family-owned business sprung from working with iron for over a decade, from large on-site structural projects to designing and manufacturing iron for commercial projects. Now, Old West Iron is focusing on small-scale and unique creations and hard-to-find hardware. Old Weste Iron’s customizable products are made in the US and are made to order.

Contact Details:

Name: Lisa Kinzie
Email: [email protected]
Company: Old West Iron
Address: 5511 W 10500 N, Felt, ID 83424
Phone: +1 (844) 205-7266
Website: https://www.oldwestiron.com/