Old West Iron, the largest online hardware and home improvement store, has expanded their kickplate line and are offering new design styles.


Felt, ID, February 6, 2023— Are you looking for craftsmanship only found centuries ago? Well, look no further! With Old West Iron, you can give your home a nostalgic feel with their authentic 17th-century iron-wrought replications.

The founders of Old West Iron have been in the iron industry for over a decade, having contributed to significant projects such as The Grand Hotel & Spa at Del Mar in Southern California. 

The Idaho-based online hardware and home improvement store specializes in hand-forged iron hardware. The website offers various products including rustic iron hardware, door hardware such as hinges, kickplates, knobs, pizza oven doors, and other builder supplies.

The team has just expanded their kickplate line, offering more unique designs than ever before. Kickplates, also called mop plates, are iron fittings that can completely transform the look of your door. Not only does it look stylish, but it also protects your door from scratches and scuffs, ensuring you can enjoy your door for years to come.

The Gothic Cathedral Iron Kickplate is their best selling kickplate. With this kickplate, you can add nostalgic elegance to your home. These kickplates come in custom sizes, hammered textures, and patina patterns, so you can make your kickplate unique to your preferences.

Old West Iron prides themselves on their dedication to their craftsmanship. Each and every Old West Iron product is handmade, meaning no two products are alike.

“Our kickplate was the missing piece we needed to bring our house together! The handmade details are so incredible, these guys really put care and effort into their work,” said one satisfied customer.

Your home is something to be proud of, and now you can adorn it with some of the finest craftsmanship available. So what are you waiting for? Check out Old West Iron today!

About Old West Iron:

Old West Iron is a small family-owned business operated by Lisa and Jon Westerlund, and Keira Gneiting. Fulfilling our dreams we uprooted from North San Diego County to relocate our family business to a small parcel in Felt, Idaho just on the other side of the Teton Mountains from Jackson Hole, WY.  After many years running a blacksmith shop, we recognized the need for the more simple rustic hardware to thoroughly complete an authentic look in projects. By fulfilling our customers’ needs for custom specialty hardware we created a portal for affordable hand-crafted iron products that bring yesterday’s style into today’s marketplace. Once my daughter moved to Idaho and reunited with our company, Keira and I took our authentic 17th Century wrought iron replications to a whole new level with our extensive research into the history and designs in iron. We went to considerable lengths to reproduce iron hardware to appear as it did hundreds of years ago.

Contact Information:

Name: Keira Gneiting
Organization: Old West Iron
Address: 5511 West 10500 North, Felt, Idaho
Phone: 844-205-7266
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.oldwestiron.com/