An Exclusive Episode About Customer Memories and the True Values of CX


Cheyenne, WY, May 5, 2021 – NobelBiz just released its third podcast episode of First Contact: Stories of the Call Center series, featuring CEO and bestselling author Colin Shaw. We are thrilled to have him on our show as he shares his unique and fascinating insights on the core value of CX, understanding human emotion and behavior, anticipating customer needs, and much more! Together with host Christian Montes, Colin talks about customer memories, the need for personalization for a more humane contact center, and the drawbacks of full-AI integration.  

Episode 3 from Season 2 of First Contact Podcast is now live, interested parties can access it on the NobelBiz official website. 

Join expert leader and CX pioneer, Colin Shaw and host Christian Montes in a discussion about the core values of CX and how they apply to the Contact Center Industry. In this 50 minutes episode entitled “Customer Memories and the True Values of CX, with Colin Shaw”, the two experts engage in a rich discussion on what it means to be an influencer, the drive for fostering customer-driven growth, understanding human emotion and behavior, and anticipating customer needs.

“There are different customers out there. And I think a big area that we are certainly moving into, is the whole area of psychographics. People are at a much deeper level, much more than they really know themselves.” Colin Shaw

By watching this episode, viewers will immerse into Colin’s valuable lessons and advice backed by his extraordinary expertise and unique understanding of the consumers, from a psychological and social point of view. Just like the ‘Aha’ moments found in CX, this talk is an eye-opener for any executive or business owner who wants to deliver an extraordinary customer experience.

Watch this exclusive episode to learn about:

  • The importance of understanding the value of CX in today’s world
  • Relevant advice in identifying customer needs and proper anticipation
  • Full-AI integration and the impact on CX
  • The importance of establishing credibility as an influencer and expert 

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