Niche Capital introduces LENDERMATCH™, a pioneering business lending platform prioritizing privacy and personalized connections for borrowers. Unlike traditional methods, this revolutionary platform connects businesses with one ideal lender without intrusive spam calls or credit checks.


Irvine, CA, November 21, 2023— Niche Capital proudly announces the launch of their groundbreaking business lending platform, LENDERMATCH™, aimed at simplifying the borrowing experience for entrepreneurs and businesses across diverse industries. Unlike traditional lending methods, Niche Capital prioritizes privacy, personalized connections, and a hassle-free process by linking borrowers with their ideal lenders without intrusive spam calls or credit checks.

LENDERMATCH™ is designed with a singular mission: to value the privacy of borrowers while ensuring they connect seamlessly with one handpicked, well-suited lender. This innovative platform distinguishes itself by eliminating the overwhelming bombardment of unwanted calls and intrusive credit inquiries, providing a refreshing departure from conventional loan application procedures.

“At Niche Capital, we understand the importance of privacy and the significance of finding the right lending partner tailored to specific business needs. With LENDERMATCH™, we prioritize confidentiality, ensuring that our clients are connected with a single, ideal lender without compromising their privacy,” stated Dillon Andrew, one of the founders of Niche Capital.

The revolutionary platform employs cutting-edge technology and a human-centric approach to match borrowers with lenders from a vast network. This meticulous matching process involves a comprehensive analysis of the business profile, industry, and specific requirements, ensuring that borrowers are seamlessly connected with the most compatible lending institutions or individuals.

Their commitment to streamlining the borrowing process extends to businesses of all sizes and types, welcoming enterprises from diverse industries. Whether a startup, a well-established corporation, or a niche-specific venture, LENDERMATCH™ facilitates connections tailored to suit the unique financial demands of each business entity.

The simplicity of their process is a game-changer in the lending landscape. Unlike conventional methods that involve arduous paperwork and invasive credit checks, Niche Capital’s platform offers a swift and confidential experience. Borrowers can now access tailored funding solutions without the inconvenience of enduring numerous credit inquiries or being subjected to incessant spam calls.

Moreover, their commitment to fostering genuine human connections distinguishes LENDERMATCH™ as a beacon of trust and reliability in the lending industry. The platform ensures that borrowers interact with real humans, creating a personalized and empathetic lending experience that extends beyond mere transactions.

Niche Capital’s innovative approach with LENDERMATCH™ has already garnered significant attention and accolades within the financial sector. With a strong emphasis on privacy, personalized connections, and a simplified lending process, the company aims to redefine the landscape of business borrowing, empowering entrepreneurs and businesses to thrive without compromising their confidentiality.

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Niche Capital’s human-centric approach ensures a seamless, confidential borrowing experience for diverse industries and company types, simplifying business lending while valuing the privacy of its users.

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