Even during the current health crisis, Newbyginnings – Cash for Houses Dallas offers high-quality services that place the customer’s housing needs at the forefront, all in a graciously short amount of time. They detail these services on their new website.


Sachse, TX, July 6, 2020 — Newbyginnings – Cash for Houses Dallas has announced a new website that clearly details the streamlined house-buying and selling process that Newbyginnings offers, even during the current health emergency.

That’s right, despite the national health emergency and the economic anxiety that it has brought, Newbyginnings still offers high-quality service in record time to Dallas and all surrounding areas in Texas. The new website details the 3-step process that keeps the customer’s interests first, with hand-crafted and above all fair cash offers, the whole process closing in as little as seven (7) days — by using cash, Newbyginnings has no need to wait on the 6-12 months to sell the house that traditional bank financing all but stipulates.

We buy houses in Dallas and the surrounding areas in Texas with the root goal of serving others with both integrity and excellence.” That’s Mike Newby, husband, parent, and Newbyginnings co-owner. “Community is a high priority for us. Yes, we will sell your house fast in Dallas, with a high-quality job guaranteed, but we do all of that so that we can help you. We always try to put people over profits, especially during the high-stress time of house-selling, not to mention the national emergency!”

Newbyginnings sets itself apart from other house-buying companies on the market by dedicating a portion of their proceeds in support of a number of non-profit organizations such as World Vision, Operation Underground Railroad, The Orphan’s Hands, Doctors Without Borders, Convoy of Hope, Carry the Load, and People of Peru Project. “We believe that whatever God can get through us, He’ll get to us. Our job is to believe, God’s job is to do the impossible.” That’s the Newbys for you.

This core foundation of faith informs the rest of the actions that Newbyginnings takes, keeping customer care, communication, and support as priority number one. In fact, Newbyginnings’ dedication to finding a solution for the customer goes so far as to help the customer find a different company to sell to if selling to Newbyginnings somehow doesn’t quite work out. Talk about putting the customer first!

About Newbyginnings: A local, faith-based, family-owned and operated company out of Sachse, TX, Newbyginnings takes pride in helping homeowners sell their house fast and without hassle, always keeping customer satisfaction and support at the center of company actions. Newbyginnings dedicates themselves to helping as many people as possible in those people’s times of need by paying cash for houses, closing quickly if needed, providing solutions with out-of-the-box thinking, and high-quality services. Community care and integrity lay in the center of operation for Newbyginnings. The keys to their success? Quality of service, communication, and generosity.

Contact Info:

Mike Newby
Newbyginnings – Cash for Houses Dallas
5250 Highway 78, Ste 750-208, Sachse, TX 75048
(469) 336-6862