Like every other industry today, the world of nonprofits is constantly evolving and changing. Of course, this is all due to the fast development of technology and the rise of the Internet. In order to have a successful nonprofit, you now need to pay close attention to the current trends in the industry and apply them to your organization.

Focus on Recurring Gifts

Most nonprofit organizations are starting to focus on getting recurring gifts from different people. The reason why this has become such a huge trend is that it can provide your nonprofit with long-term financial sustainability. It essentially gives your organization a steady stream of income, which will allow you to focus more on innovation. It’s important to present each donor with this idea.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of people who would like to give smaller monthly donations than setting aside a larger sum every once in a while. Explain to them how recurring gifts would mean more to your organization, as it would mean steady income for your organization. In order to ensure everyone who is able signs up for recurring giving, you should make it easy for them to do so. This means setting up a donation page on your website with the option of monthly giving.

Direct Mail Marketing

Although digital marketing is without a doubt the easiest way to spread your message, there are still other ways to promote your nonprofit. Even though it is not as popular as it used to be, direct mail marketing is still one of the best ways to reach people. Nowadays, there are trends in direct mail marketing that will help you reach a bigger number of potential donors.

Thanks to the unique offering from the United States Post Office, EDDM (every door direct mail) marketing has become increasingly popular. This type of marketing service allows you to choose specific mail carrier routes and have your promotional material sent to every household along it. EDDM printers help you reach potential donors without having to worry about finding out their names, address, or any type of contact information. Simply send your promotional material along a specific route and wait for the response.

Don’t Forget about Generation Z

A lot of people are constantly worried about how to make their organization appealing to millennials. Although you should definitely do this, don’t forget that now is the perfect time to start examining Generation Z. It consists of people born after 1997, and currently represents the largest generation in the United States. While most of them are still very young, remember that they are the future.

Most people born after 1997 have yet to start working, but that doesn’t mean they’re not important for your organization. According to recent research, they like to get involved in social issues and give back. Of course, you can’t expect them to support your organization if you don’t find a way to reach them or make your cause appealing to them. These people are known for their short attention spans, which is why you should make your message compelling and brief. On top of that, they are the first mobile-only generation. Since they spend an enormous amount of time on their smartphones, it’s a must for your donation page and overall website to be optimized for them.


You’ll be more likely to secure a donation from someone if you send them a personalized message. Don’t just send the same email to everyone in your donor base. You should take advantage of modern technology that allows you to collect data on your donors. This is exactly the thing that made Netflix so popular. If you use their service and mostly watch comedies, you surely won’t get horror recommendations. If you’re able to apply the same technique to your nonprofit, you will know exactly which causes each of your donors cares about. Collecting data will make it easier for you to determine which messages to send to each individual person who has previously made a donation.