New Silver Lending LLC, a loan provider out of West Hartford, Connecticut, announces their new personal loans product.


West Hartford, CT, October 4, 2021–  When it comes to loan providers, nobody is more innovative than New Silver Lending LLC. The Connecticut-based lender has inched ahead of the competition by putting a major emphasis on technology. 

In the age of the computer, this has allowed New Silver Lending to make their loan process quick and simple. 

New Silver Lending is excited to announce their new personal loans product. Customers can enjoy an APR with a starting rate of 5.99%. There is no collateral required, and loans can have terms up to ten years. 

You can borrow as little as $1,000, or as much as $100,000. This program has an approval time of 48 hours, so you waste no time.

Other features of this product include instant online pre-approval, no hard credit pull, you can compare multiple lenders, and home improvement is allowed.

“We put a lot of time into designing our personal loan product, and I think it can really help a lot of people out,” said a representative of New Silver Lending.

New Silver Lending has many other excellent products to offer.

Looking to renovate property? New Silver Lending has Fix and Flip Loans that can help you transform any property. Term periods can be up to 24 months, and you can borrow up to $3,000,000!

With interest rates ranging from 6.99-9.5%, you can also enjoy up to 100% construction financing. This type of loan is ideal for residential 1-4 units as well as up to 50 multi-family units.

There are no junk fees, and return borrowers can take advantage of extra discounts. The best part is there is no prior experience in fix and flip required to take out this loan.

“I went with New Silver Lending for my first fix and flip, and I could not be happier with them,” said a house renovator. 

New Silver Lending also offers ground-up construction loans for residential builders. Hard money loans and rental property loans are also available to borrowers.

With New Silver Lending LLC you can get approved online for any loan offered. The process is quick and simple. Approval takes a mere ten minutes!

Another unique feature is their FlipScout tool. With FlipScout, you can find your next investment that is sure to bring profits. With their rehab cost calculator, you can get a clear picture of the costs of each project.

FlipScout uses various sources to find properties and can be used for both flips and rentals. The best part about this tool is that it is FREE!

What are you waiting for Go to and find out if you are eligible for a loan today!

About New Silver Lending LLC:

New Silver is a technology-focused loan provider that offers a number of excellent products for real estate investors. The team is based out of West Hartford, Connecticut.

Contact Information:

Kirill Bensenoff
New Silver Lending, LLC
2475 Albany Ave Suite 203B, West Hartford CT 06117
(855) 844 5626