On 4/20/24, Iveinte Terp Vodka will hit the shelves and forever change cocktails and cannabis culture.


West Palm Beach, Florida, April 10, 2024— A new product will soon be available to consumers that is going to forever change the way you enjoy Vodka. IVeinte Spirits LLC is proud to introduce IVeinte Terp Vodka!

IVeinte Terp Vodka is a premium spirit distilled six times, and filtered 32 times through coconut husk for unmatched smoothness. It is then infused with proprietary medical grade terpenes.

While IVeinte Terp Vodka is one of the best 420 gifts around, it does not contain any THC or cannabinoids and is completely legal. IVeinte has a pleasant cannabis scent, tasting subtly sweet with earthy tones.

To top it off, the bottle design is one that cannabis enthusiasts everywhere will enjoy. The team put in just as much work designing the bottle as they did for what is inside the bottle.

With IVeinte Terp Vodka, you can make a variety of elevated cocktails such as the IVeintini, or the BUDDY Mary. The recipes for these 420 cocktails can be found on the IVeinte website. 

“With IVeinte Terp Vodka, we are taking the game to a new level. Our team of innovators has been working on this for a long time, and it is really exciting to finally see everything come together,” said Steve Mitts, co founder of IVeinte.

After over three years of R & D, this terpene-infused vodka will be available for purchase on 4/20, in a fitting celebration of cannabis culture. IVeinte prides themselves on the time and dedication they have put into their product.

“This is one of the most unique drinks I have ever had. It goes down smooth, the scent and taste gives me nostalgia, and the bottle is the coolest I have ever seen. I am definitely going to be a regular drinker of IVeinte,” said one taste tester.

If your local store does not carry IVeinte, do not worry! You can purchase IVeinte Terp Vodka directly from the company website.

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, IVeinte combines cannabis culture and cocktails into a brand new spirit category.

Enjoy the refined taste of craftsmanship in every sip. So what are you waiting for? Pre-order your bottle today to elevate your vodka experience. 

About IVeinte Spirits LLC:

IVeinte (eye ven tay) is a new take on Vodka that not only will replace your current favorite brand, it will elevate your entire drinking experience. IVeinte is 100% Federally legal & does NOT contain THC or other cannabinoids although we are STRONG ALLIES of cannabis culture. From our name to our logo & even the taste, smell & design of our patented IVeinte Terp Vodka bottle, every detail has been painstakingly hand crafted to provide one of the most unique beverage experiences you’ll ever have. The carefully selected & specifically curated proprietary blend of botanical terpenes will take you on a journey reminiscent of lighting a joint of your favorite strain IVeinte Terpenes will: enhance flavor, improve smoothness, and provide a nostalgic experience.  IVeinte is “The spirit of 420”.

Contact Information: 

Steven Mitts

Iveinte Spirits LLC

15226 79th Terrace N West Palm Beach, FL 33418

(424) 274-5747


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