One Colorado family law firm is changing how people approach and work their way through their family crises by empowering them to make the best choices, for themselves and their family, with confidence, and all for a predictable monthly fee.


GOLDEN, Colorado, May 8, 2023 – New Leaf Family, a law firm in Colorado, is gaining recognition for the new way that their attorneys are empowering their clients going through divorce, custody, or other family conflicts.

This “new way” is focused not on papers and court systems, but on helping the client clarify and strive for what they actually want their lives to look and feel like after all the legal work is done.  New Leaf Family helps clients to take on a “growth mindset” perspective on the transition that is in front of them. It involves coaching and counseling, predictable monthly fees that don’t break the budget, and can begin before the client has even made up their mind about pursuing divorce!

Typically, family law attorneys charge hourly rates, which can turn into a financial disaster for clients. Many lawyers start by telling the client what they can do for them. They may lead them into conflict without taking the time to figure out what it is that the client really wants for their future. This can result in unnecessary court battles or confusion that could take many months or even years to resolve. The attorney wins (because they are charging by the hour and racking up many billable hours!), but the family loses. 

New Leaf Family is embarking on a new way to approach family conflict. The firm starts by engaging the client with the processes and resources that help them consider every angle, answer all of their questions, and make their own decisions about the ideal outcome. Only when both the client and attorney team are extremely clear on the desired end do they work to reverse engineer a path towards it. That path may be more collaborative, or may require court intervention, but the path will be tailored to the client’s desired outcome. 

“We’re not here to just ‘sell’ people a divorce or custody case,” says Penn Dodson, co-founder and managing attorney at New Leaf Family. “We’re lawyers, yes, and we can handle the legal stuff, but our main goal is to help people lay a good future foundation through whatever transition they’re going through – emotionally and financially as well as legally. We believe that the best outcomes are based on decisions made by the client, not by a judge, or a court, or even us.”

Everything that New Leaf offers clients is on a set, monthly billing basis, making their guidance much more affordable for Colorado families who may already be experiencing financial stress due to family conflict.

New Leaf Family was founded by attorneys who have been in practice since 1996, and who have decided there is a better way to give families who are facing a tough situation a better, more holistic support system before, during, and after divorce or custody disputes. The founders, Christopher T. Anderson and Penn Dodson have been awarded Avvo 10.0 (Superb), and has rated the firm AV – Preeminent.  Most important, however, are the clients who have experienced being a part of the New Leaf Family. See for more.

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