Keep private information private with the newly launched available for Android devices


(Dover, Delaware) The newly launched Guise App allows users to upload their photos and integrate a distorting properly or a digital signature when shared on social media and download by others. With the help of the technology used by this app, the image is distorted to the point where it’s no longer recognizable once downloaded.

“Are you searching for a way to remain free from the usual clique of people who are trying to find out more about you? If so, there’s no question this can be a tedious and exhausting endeavor,” stated a spokesperson from Guise App. “With our newly launched app, you have some of that diminished stamina back thanks to our comprehensive, reliable, and proven solution that helps to empower your privacy.”

To use Guise, the process is simple. Download the app on a device and the tool creates encrypted distortion for any media object or document that a person wants to keep protected and covered. What’s even better is that Guise serves double-duty as a messenger app, as well. If a sender has something they want to ensure remains private or is only seen by specific people, Guise makes this possible and even better, the app makes it easy.

“With our app downloaded on your device, the security features can prevent screenshots from being taken,” continued the Guise App spokesperson. “With more and more people becoming aware of how significant data collection is through social media, the need to keep private information private is higher than ever, and Guise provides a solution to this ever-growing problem.”

While the Guise App is only available for Android Download right now, it’s expected the Apple iOS version will be launched in the near future. For those who want to learn more about the launch and use of the Guise App, visit the company’s Website or reach out to the team of talented developers behind this innovative privacy protection app.

How Does GUISE Work?

*When used, this tool allows for encrypted distortion or any document or media object that you wish to keep covered and adequately protected.

*GUISE is a messenger app, too!

*Got something sensitive you want to stay for only specific eyes? GUISE makes it impossible for the wrong person to see what’s going on.

*GUISE has security features preventing screenshots!

*Want to keep particular data free from the wrong hands? Then GUISE can make it very easy for you to do just that.

*It’s also very much a part of social media, too. With the public now more aware than ever at how penetrative social media data collection is, this can make your public profiles much safer.

If you are someone who feels concerned about your privacy, then our all-in-one solution can offer you the respite you need. Don’t let the overbearing nature of privacy in public wear you down; with our solution, you can find an uncompromising solution to a pretty compromised situation!


The Guise App, LLC allows users to upload their photos and integrate a distorting property when shared with social media and download by others; the image will be distorted and revealed to the receiver.

Trying to stay free from the usual clique of people looking to find out more about us than they need to be exhausting. GUISE seems to help give you some of that diminished stamina back with a comprehensive, reliable, and proven solution for empowering your privacy.

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