Garage Force, a South Carolina based concrete coating company, has opened its new location in Greater South Charlotte. A leader in floor coating installation across the country, Garage Force provides safe products for any type of concrete flooring. Garage Force proudly serves the Greater South Charlotte area of North Carolina. 


Indian Land, SC, July 02, 2020 – South Carolina owned Garage Force has recently opened its newest location in the Greater South Charlotte area of North Carolina. As a national franchise that leads the market in concrete floor coating and installation, Garage Force offers top-quality concrete coating choices across the country. Its new location makes Garage Force the largest residential and commercial concrete installers in the country.

Garage Force offers a wide array of services including polyurea finishings, UV resistant floorings, year-round installation and application, chemical resistant coatings and floorings, customizable colors, and free quotes and estimates. Their experienced technicians guarantee “unprecedented service, exemplary workmanship, and products that stand out.” The family-owned franchise is passionate about delivering the best service which becomes possible with their 10-step process. 

The Full Chip system, one of their most popular systems, is “completely resistant to hot tires and almost all common chemicals,” lasting to withstand all weather conditions and outlast salt, grease, and other common spillages. 

About Garage Force: Recommended as one of the best family-owned and operated franchises in the country, Garage Force provides custom garage floor coating that adds functionality to any existing concrete surface. At Garage Force, their ultimate goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. In order to be absolutely thrilled with any project, Garage Force offers a full range of products including concrete epoxy coatings and polyurea floor coatings that prevent damage, moisture, and the elements. 

Recommended as a better alternative to the epoxy coating garage floor, the patented polyurea system is “20 times stronger” than epoxy and offer benefits that include resistance to ultraviolet light, resists and reduced moisture and damage much longer, cures at an extremely fast rate, and leaves that beloved glossy finish. 

Garage Force is passionate about making garages and any space that is equipped with concrete, a haven for all their clients. Most of these spaces are used for cars, tools, handy work, or an entertaining space for guests, therefore their 10-step process creates a beautiful extension of any home and will have clients certain they made the right choice. For more information about Garage Force and its beginnings, please visit

About The Process: By offering five different coating systems, Garage Force operates in a 10-step process that not only speeds up the installation process, but secures a lifetime protected coating that guarantees no mess, no yellowing, and no stress. The process calls for a full-service preparation, cleanse, and repair to ensure the new coating will be seamless and flawless. The installers will then provide a coating to stairs and other hard-to-reach areas prior to the rest of the floor. After installing the basecoat, technicians will remove the excess coating, scrape, and smooth the sealant. Finally, the technicians will vacuum the floors to prepare them for the clear topcoat. For more information about Garage Force’s processes, please visit

As the most efficient process across the country, Garage Force is proud to offer durable finished floors to now the Greater South Charlotte area. 

Contact Info:

Joe Kohler 
Garage Force of Greater South Charlotte
6277 Carolina Commons Dr., #351 Indian Land, SC 29707
Office: (803) 322-8713