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Some of the most incredible things ever discovered have been found in caves. We are drawn to ancient caves because they can give us a glimpse into the ancient world. We wonder how far these caves go and who once lived in them. Hidden in ancient caves, we have found ancient corpses, burial grounds, and life forms that are so old that amaze archaeologists. Recently, new discoveries in the deepest caves on Earth can’t be explained by scientists.

The Exploration

When scientists began exploring a particular cave, they never expected to find signs of life. They discovered giant crystals with life inside. In fact, what they found was around 50,000 years old. The cave in question was in Naica, Mexico. The bacteria and other microbes in the cave managed to survive by digesting minerals such as iron and magnesium that existed within the crystal formation. Some wonder if this could help scientists find life living in extreme conditions on other planets.

An Underwater Find

Deep in an underwater cave in Madagascar, a group of divers found the bones of giant lemurs. What made the discovery shocking was that some of the lemurs were the size of gorillas. It is unknown how the bones got into the underwater caves, but scientists believe that they were either dragged there for pushed by the currents. Before humans took over the world, it home to giant creatures. Over the years, we have found evidence of giant dragonflies, giant ostriches, and deer measuring over 10-feet tall. The change in the size of the animals that walk the Earth is proof of evolution.

Hellfire Caves

The West Wycombe Caves are located in southeast England. What was found there is haunting. There are statues that look like the Devil. Because of these carvings, the caves have been called Hellfire Caves. They are human-made caves, and what is inside is frightening. Most people stay away from these caves due to the superstitions that surround them.

The Endless Cave

There is a cave called Ellison’s Cave that doesn’t seem to have an end. When it was explored, researchers found that it had the longest known drop. The descent is over 586-feet. This is half the height of the Empire State Building that is 102-stories. To get to the bottom of the cave, researchers had to spelunk down 12-miles of darkness. On the way down, there are plenty of twists and turns through the darkness. The cave is in Northwest Georgia, and it is the 12th deepest in North America.

The Cave Of Stars

There is a cave in Waitomo, New Zealand that is absolutely gorgeous. The cave is full of phosphorescent bacteria, that have been there for over 30 million years. People take kayaking tours through the caves because they are absolutely fantastic.

The Snot Cave

Deep within a cave in Tobasco, Mexico there is nasty, hanging gooey muck that is used to trap insects when they fly by. The goo is bacterial mets that drip from the ceiling. The cave is gross, but it is the magic of Mother Nature.


We all know that bats live in caves, but in the Barangay Tambo on Samal Island, they live in great abundance. The cave is about 245 feet deep and inside live thousands of bats. People don’t visit the caves often because who wants to enter a cave where thousands of bats live?

The Calves Of Death

These caves got their name from what scientists found inside. Scientists found remains that make them believe that humans were sacrificed there. They found heads on pikes and bodies in pits. If you are hoping to see what is inside the cave, you should be prepared to trek through some dangerous terrain. It’s probably for the best; however because these are things that you don’t really want to see.


There is a cave in Argentina with the most amazing artwork on the walls. The paintings are said to be around 9,500 to 13,000 years old, which makes the cave amazing. This cave is proof that all those years ago, people appreciated art.

A Giant Snake

The largest snake ever seen was discovered in a Brazilian cave. It was found by construction workers who were exploring the cave system. The snake is 33-feet long, and it was given the name Medusa. Today, Medusa is living in Kansas City, Missouri.


Inside an Indonesian cave, remains of a civilization that was discovered where the humans stood just 3-feet tall. They were named Homo Floresiensis. They got their name because they were found off the Indonesian island, Flores, inside a cave called Liang Bua. It is believed that they died out 50,000-years ago.