Realtor and marketing consultant releases a digital marketing for real estate book for agents and brokers who want to improve their brand.


Syracuse, NY, June 1, 2020 – Real estate marketing is tough. Not only agents and brokers have to deal with competition and flaky clients, but they now have to master digital technology as well. Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agents, is a simple real estate marketing book for agents and brokers written by a real estate agent himself. The guide aims to help agents, teams, and brokers navigate their way into the digital age. The book covers topics of digital marketing and branding to help real estate professionals.

“I’ve worked at digital marketing agencies before going into real estate. I wished there was a book like this for me when I started real estate,” Don Stevens says. Traditional books cover old fashioned marketing techniques, or focused on a particular subject of digital marketing. Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agents by Don Stevens covers multiple topics such as:

  • Agent Branding
  • Website Creation
  • SEO Lessons
  • Keyword Research and Examples
  • Directories and Citations
  • Content Marketing
  • Funnel and Landing Pages
  • Generating Leads
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing including Facebook

The book is aimed to help tech savvy and newbies alike, All topics are real estate related and include examples. The methods inside the book work with any city or town. Specific strategies include how real estate agents and brokers utilize Google to get powerful rankings. Mastering the art of content marketing to solidify your brand, and creating landing pages to entice prospects. Popular topics include how to turn Facebook into a lead generating machine.

The book also includes tips from top producing agents plus strategies and tools successful realtors use for their marketing and branding. This short guide gets to the point with no fluff; readers can download the book and immediately start improving their marketing and branding.

About the Author: Don Stevens is a realtor and author with a professional marketing background. He’s earned a few certifications, including digital marketing from Cornell University. Now he consults real estate professionals with their marketing and branding.

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